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Thriving as a brand in a digital economy


Semicolon team

The digital age is not a term that applies to just IT students/experts anymore as it has managed to permeate through every area of our lives, even more so during this period as there is an increasing demand for individuals that are equipped with digital skills. While most large businesses/organizations have somewhat introduced and embraced digital skills in the workplace, it is important to note small businesses struggling in this area /with this task.

Technology and its innovations have greatly improved business operations and productivity. However, just having the right technology in place is not enough to cut it. Having a digitally literate workforce is key to an organization’s success. The right technology + the workforce must become one before productivity can be actualized but what exactly are digital skills?


Digital skills simply mean any skill acquired that makes one digital literate and Cornell University defines digital literacy as ‘the ability to find, evaluate, utilize, share, and create content using information technologies and the Internet’

There are a lot of sought after skills in the modern workplace ranging from programming, web development, digital marketing to simply knowing how to access a company file on drive/cloud. As an employee, you need more than a “tidy desk” to go up the career ladder. The crux is harnessing digital skills and technology to increase your productivity and efficiency in whatever industry and position you occupy.

Before the pandemic, the Future of Work used to be a very dreamy term, well romanticized by tech companies referring to how robots will replace human labor. Perhaps it is simply more about embracing digital skills and utilizing them to optimize the outcome of business operations?


We cannot help but notice that the pandemic has also accelerated the digital economy, the future of work is now and the need for digital skills is knocking at our door. To thrive we need to bridge the skill gap in our society quickly.

By arming all of your employees with a broad range of digital know-how now, you’ll be future-proofing what they can offer in an increasingly connected world and of course scale your business to the next level.

Unsure of where to invest in these skills for personal development/scale your business, visit our website, we will take you through the step by step procedure of going from digitally illiterate to becoming a digital native.

Semicolon prides itself around impact and developing human capacity, hence we remain committed to supporting businesses, organizations, and employers all over Africa by training, offering opportunities, and managing workforce talent and to this end, we are launching a talent management platform that caters to organizations interested in upskilling their workforce.

Your organization can be a part of our pre-launch program, reserve your space by signing up here.


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