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Top uses of smartphones


Today approximately 5.20 billion people own smartphones. In Nigeria, it is estimated that the number of smartphone users is between 20- 40 million, while it’s predicted that this number will reach 140 million by 2025. So, we can’t deny that smartphones had a huge impact globally on the way we consume information and interact with each other. This, of course, stems from the way we use our smartphones, and in this article, we explore what we use our smartphones for.


Mobile Shopping
Most shopping sites today are mobile-friendly, while there are also mobile apps that you can use to shop everything from clothes to household items and more. Because it’s far easier and more convenient to shop online, a great percentage of people order from online shopping sites. In fact, most users prefer to be able to compare and learn about different items on their phones. Hence, if anyone is looking to build an online brand, it is certainly important to develop a mobile-friendly site for the ultimate mobile shopping experience. Some notable e-commerce sites include Jumia Nigeria, PayPorte, OLX Nigeria, and many others.

Social Media Usage
Social media sites became a go-to site for many users that spend time on their mobile devices. Actually, Facebook, as one of the largest social media networks, is widely used in comparison to other popular social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest. But, social media apps are is not only used to interact with other users but also to consume information, whether it is entertaining videos, news, information about certain products and services.

Otherwise, people rely on smartphones when they want to share their content ( photos, videos, articles) on social media platforms. Hence, a lot of businesses use social media platforms to promote their products.


Online Trading
Online trading platforms on smartphones means that you can easily and instantly get the information you need to make the right decisions regarding your investments. Today, a lot of people are getting interested in cryptocurrencies and the opportunities they offer for trading.

In fact, Bitcoin is one cryptocurrency that has always remained in the spotlight and has become one of the largest cryptocurrencies worldwide. So, it’s unsurprising that a lot of people are investing in BTC. Reliable online trading sites like Bitocin Supreme utilize a powerful trading system to ensure that their members can get the best results based on their investment.

Like other modern platforms, this site is mobile-friendly, while there’s an app that you can download, which means you can keep track of your investments from your mobile device. If you want to become a member, visit the Bitcoin Supreme official site, and make a deposit of a minimum of $250. The cutting edge trading system enables users to potentially gain up to 500% in daily profits.

Mobile Gaming
The mobile gaming industry is one of the most lucrative sectors worldwide, with over 2 billion people who play games on their smartphones. Mobile games are designed to be played on the move; hence, there are millions of titles to choose from, most of them you can download for free from Google Play or the App Store.


But, another important factor that is appealing to a lot of people is that mobile games are of high-quality, and among the many options offered, there are a lot of games that were previously developed for game consoles that now are designed for mobile devices. This is another proof that mobile gaming is attracting not only casual but also serious gamers.

Consumption of Digital Media
Smartphones are leading devices in the consumption of digital media, and the time users spend is usually on apps. As we know, there’s a wealth of apps available for download, free of charge. So, whether you are looking to watch your favorite TV shows, listen to music, or you want to read books, listen to podcasts, there are many apps that you can check out and download on your device. Actually, a lot of companies like HBO and Netflix have designed apps to make their content more accessible on the move.

Of course, there also apps that are not designed to entertain you but to help you enrich your knowledge or improve your health. In fact, there are over 20 categories that feature a vast collection of apps.


In conclusion, smartphones will continue to dominate our daily lives. Thanks to smartphones, you can quickly find relevant information on any topic, connect with your friends, make purchases, and much more. Furthermore, technological innovations like Augamentaive and Virtual Reality will certainly make consumption of digital medial more immersive, while the 5G network will definitely have a great impact on the way we use our smartphones.


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