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Worrying IP theft, corruption in Nigeria


Cyber secutity

The stark reality is that Nigeria wastes entirely too much money and time policing crimes like burglary, fraud, and bank-robbery when it should be doing something about intellectual piracy instead.

Intellectual piracy, that is stealing of the ideas of others and claiming them as your own is the commonest crime in Nigeria today and one that is threatening all the fabrics of the country’s life.

Majority of Nigerians are being be crushed under the merciless weight of poverty because the same government whose job it is to protect the intellectual property of its citizenry is usurping other people’s ideas; using same; and not giving credits to the originators of the ideas.


And while much attention is placed around the legal aspects regarding intellectual property (IP), companies and individuals need to consider the security ramifications as well.

This is according to a technology executive ahead of World Intellectual Property Day recently.

“Intellectual property runs the gamut of trade secrets, trademarks, copyrights, and patents,” said Riaan Badenhorst, general manager of Kaspersky Lab Africa.

“Protecting these in an ultra-competitive digital world should be an imperative irrespective of if you are a multinational organisation or a start-up just getting off the ground,” Badenhorst added.

Words like “piracy or counterfeiting” are too benevolent that doesn’t even begin to adequately describe the toll that the theft takes on Nigerians.

Nigeria has continued to go in circles because even government officials steal from Nigerians, and they lack the important resources and skills to execute the projects.

Look at the white elephant projects that litter the country.

Government officials’ gluttony and corrupt practices are causing Nigerians thousands of jobs and companies’ profits.

Most companies and individuals who dare to contest their intellectual property rights are harassed; hounded and chased out by the officials who operate like organized crime groups, and terrorist organizations.

This is call to action on the Nigerian government of Muhammed Buhari to stop this senseless robbing people of their ideas, inventions, and creative expressions.

The government should borrow from the United States of America which has made prevention of intellectual property theft a top priority.

That country’s key to success is linking the considerable resources and efforts of the private sector with law enforcement partners on local, state, federal, and international levels.

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