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Govt to expand NIPOST scope, as 47 persons jostle for PMG’s post


NIPOSTAs part of efforts to reposition the Nigeria Postal Service (NIPOST) to compete favourably in the present digital age, the Federal Government is considering structural reforms that would transform NIPOST from a third generation to a first class commercial enterprise that would be a cash cow for government.

Under the arrangement, unlike in the past where the Post Master General of the Federation (PMG) emerges through promotion within the service, the appointment of a PMG would be thrown open to all prospective applicants.

Already, the position of the Post Master General has been advertised while Price WaterHouse has been appointed as consultant to guide the selection process.

The Guardian gathered that about 47 individuals applied for the position and that most of the applicants are from outside the postal service.

Minister of Communication Technology, Adebayo Shittu who disclosed this when he visited NIPOST headquarters in Abuja, explained that, the whole essence of throwing the position open was to make it competitive and ensure that, the best hand emerge to run the new expanded NIPOST.

The minister stated that, after the appointment of a new PMG, government would consider the possibility of dividing the country into zones for the purpose of NIPOST services on the PPP basis to enable different companies to run them.

He said, “ Initially a PMG emerges through promotion and the next one becomes the Head once the other retires whether he is capable of running a viable post or not automatically he becomes one and I then said we could as well go ahead to turn it into a big business with a big conglomerate that is what led to our desire to throw open the appointment of a PMG.

“You don’t even need to be in the postal service to be the PMG. We would not limit the appointment of that position to only NIPOST staff and every NIPOST staff has the right to apply. They should bring the idea to the table and let us interview them so that we can get the best”.

According to the Minister, “The interest should go beyond tribe and religion”, adding that the idea is to get the best material to run NIPOST as a strong business enterprise “because the ultimate is to provide service and revenue for government and of course to also create jobs.

“We have advertised the position and by the grace of God by the 29th of this month we would do the interview for all the candidates. Price WaterHouse has been appointed as consultant to guide the process so as to ensure that we get the best and if by design Mr. Ogun comes top, he will be appointed afresh as PMG, if on the other hand we have a young boy so be it. What is important is that we must not only do justice but we must be seen in doing justice in managing a national critical infrastructure as the NIPOST”.

Shittu, who observed that NIPOST infrastructure would be used for banking and financial inclusiveness, adding that NIPOST is the agency of the federal government with the largest network presence and physical properties hence, the need to transform it from a mono culture service industry to a multi-sector service industry.

He said: “For the new NIPOST that we are looking forward to, there will be opportunities for financial opportunities to have departments of banking a whole lot of basic financial services needed by Nigerians will be available.

He added: “We believe that we can also evolve a technology where all the postal services in the country could also become call centres and so for those people who ordinarily will not have N2000 to buy handset they can make use of the post office’s call centres on payment of a small amount to make a call. We are also trying to expand the stamp duties processes and of course that will create a lot of money for government. For the land property we are also looking at the possibilities of expanding PPP between property developers and the NIPOST have to make money for government and for the purpose of redeveloping that service which is huge and again in terms of transport the NIPOST has a lot of vehicles.

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  • emmanuel kalu

    It is a good idea to open up the leadership to the best qualified person. That person should focus on bringing NIPOST to the modern age. it should be a small business center that does everything from delivery, printing of small business material and a technology center.