Friday, 15th October 2021
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Innovating and creating change through fashion

By Ngozi Egenuka
07 October 2021   |   1:20 am
As a way of rewarding innovation in the use of technology to promote fashion, MoBalo Fashion awards have honoured Five Feet Outfits for its contribution to the creative sector.

Rewarding innovation in the use of technology to promote fashion, MoBalo Fashion awards has awarded Five Feet Outfits, founded by Ireoluwa Bolajoko for its contribution to the sector.
The award recognised five outstanding female future-forward fashion entrepreneurs in operations within one to five years who demonstrate innovation in either the use of technology to promote fashion, afro-centric textiles and culture, focusing on green ideas, waste management or recycling in the fashion industry, creative and future-forward fashion styles for today’s woman or using fashion for advocacy or social impact in communities.

This edition of the MoBalo Fashion Award was hosted alongside Moradeun’s 30th Posthumous Birthday on the 16th of August 2021. The MoBalo Fashion Award was established in honor of Moradeun Balogun, an exceptional fashion enthusiast and visionary, who was working to revolutionize Africa’s fashion industry.

Debola Deji-Kurunmi, Founder/CEO, IMMERSE Coaching Company spoke on three important things that were evident in Moradeun’s life while she was alive – the power of vision, the power of learning, and love as an operating system.

She spoke about Moradeun’s strength, her great sense of vision, how she was the go-to person for everyone in her circle, how she knew something about everything, how she went all out for everyone, and how she lived an intentional life.

Friends celebrated Moradeun as they emphasized her intentionality about her life and her friendships. They didn’t fail to also speak about her loving and accommodating nature too.

Finalists of the MoBalo Fashion Leader Award were:
Ireoluwa Bolajoko: Founder/Creative Director, Five Feet Outfits, Temitayo Balogun: Founder/Creative Director, May Couture, Temitayo Johnson-Laleye: Founder/Creative Director, TJL Signatures, Itunuoluwa Akinola: Creative Director, Ellie Pierre, Christiana Rotimi-Williams: Founder/Creative Director, CRW Style.

Each awardee received the following:
A Distinguished MoBalo Fashion Leader Award during the Live MoBalo Fashion Award Event 2021, a 4-months accountability program with past awardees. (August-December, 2021), Business Advisory Masterclass with fashion industry leaders (once a month; August-December, 2021), beauty products from Alexia Horsefall (One of our Sponsors), Free website consulting service from DesignShoppe amidst others.

Father of the deceased, Adeboyega Balogun, called on hospitals to perform their duties and treat patients especially accident victims with urgency rather than discharging them to demand police report.

He noted that the Moradeun Balogun Purple Elephant Foundation was set up to support emergency victims of stab injuries, accidents, gunshot injuries, or any other fatal accident, who are unable to pay their medical treatment bill amidst other objectives.
“The basic inspiration behind the foundation is borne out of the gross ineptitude of our healthcare system, which has led to the loss of countless lives owing to unrealistic protocols like police reports and other systemic bureaucracies which are unnecessary at critical moments which require urgent medical attention.
“The foundation is therefore a bold step aimed towards recognizing the fierce urgency of ‘now’ concerning emergency health situations. The foundation has previously sponsored 3 women in April for VVF Surgery in Abuja and looks forward to sending 10 women for the surgery before the year runs out,” he added.

Debola Deji-Kurunmi added that progress is being made in terms of policy conversations for accident or injured victims gaining access to immediate medical care even without a police report but policies especially in a developing country takes some time to evolve.

“I would say we are in the dialogue stage and getting the attention of lawmakers and decision makers in the country. To get everyone aware of the Act that allows an accident or injured victim treatment in a hospital would require a systemic approach.

I would advise partnership with ecosystems such as the Nigerian Medical Association, which would help create awareness of the Act,” she said.