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NASS member decries giving motorcycles, clippers, others as empowerment


Musliudeen Akinremi

…sets up training institute for women 

The Chairman, House Committee on Science Research Institutes and member representing Ibadan North Federal Constituency at the Federal House of Representatives, Musliudeen  Akinremi, has declared that giving motorcycles, clippers and grinding machines as a form of empowerment is not the best way for politicians to empower their constituents. 

Akinremi expressed the opinion while addressing journalists after a town hall meeting with his constituents and graduation of over 250 constituents who were trained in different vocational skills.

The APC lawmaker insisted that politicians should find ways to assist their constituent to rid the country of poverty. Akinremi, popularly called Jagaban, added that the best way to allow constituents feel the impact of their representatives is to equip them with vocational training and skills which will make them financially independent and capable of taking care of their families.


He advised lawmakers and politicians, that empowering constituents with motorcycles, clippers, grinding machines and other materials things is not enough. 

According to him: “Skilled labour and entrepreneurship is one the best legacies we as representatives can leave for our constituents that will make us their life time hero and benefactor.

“Let us endeavour to train our people who will in turn train another set of people and the circle will continue like that. 

“By doing this within the space of one year we will have empowered thousands of our constituents thereby making them self independent and self reliant and in the process reduce redundancy in the society”.

The lawmaker urged  his colleagues to be more interested in developing women and youths, suggesting that this is one of the ways to address the growing insecurity and unemployment in the country. 


According to him, “Giving people motorcycles, clippers and grinding machines is not enough to empower constituents. Give them scholarships, give them training. 

“Empowerment is about assisting people and equip them with what they do no have and to make them financially independent and come out of poverty. That is why I said that our people should change their mentality. 

“People are used to giving them motorcycles, clippers and grinding machines. If I give 1,000 motorcycles today, it is not everybody that will see it, if I give them clippers, how much is clipper?” 

“If you give people money, they can spend it anyhow, they may not use it for the purpose you are giving them, but, if you give people training, nobody will collect it from them. 

“Since I became Ibadan North Federal Constituency representatives in 2019, I have purchased JAMB forms for 1, 045 students, training of people on how to make money is one of the best way I am talking about. 


“It is better than giving people money. People can spend the money anyhow, they may not even take the money home, especially men, they may spend it on beers, women, lottery or any other things. But, if you give them training, nobody will collect it from them. 

“I am more interested in developing women and youth capacity, as we know our women have a lot of jobs to do, you find them in the markets, what I know is that most of our women help their husbands at home, so because of this when you empower women, it is like you empower the whole family. 

“I will tell you that what we are giving to these women today, if you give it to men, they may take it to the beer parlor, he may use it to eat or take it to Baba Ijebu, the children and the wife at home may not even benefit from them. 

“But, these people, we have trained them we also give them money to start the business. Definitely, the children and the husband and the entire family will benefit from them.”

The trainees were later  presented with start up funds, certificates and start up kits and other materials.


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