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Summit engages 300 youths as economic agents

By Benjamin Alade
09 May 2019   |   3:52 am
No fewer than 300 youths in Surulere area of Lagos, would be employed as 'Active Youth Economic Agents’, Executive Director of Mind the Gap, Tayo Olosunde, has said.

No fewer than 300 youths in Surulere area of Lagos, would be employed as ‘Active Youth Economic Agents’, Executive Director of Mind the Gap, Tayo Olosunde, has said.

He explained that the chosen youths will be productive, solving problems in the community based on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) using digital space, while earning money doing it.

Olosunde revealed this at the maiden Surulere Economic and Job Summit, in Lagos recently, which brought together stakeholders, National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) members, job seekers, employers, consumers and government agencies and other policy makers to discuss the issues of economic and job growth in the Surulere ecosystem.

He said the summit is borne out of realisation that there a time when growth is necessary, mobilising and creating a common ground for all to act in a certain direction owing to the fact that people work disjointedly in different ecosystems.

His words: “There is no common language and the purpose of this event is to create a common language. What is that common language to the unemployed youths and the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), is that there are always job opportunities.

“We are recruiting about 300 people as what we call ‘Active Youth Economic Agents’ and that is the major outcome of the summit. The reason we localised this event is that we want to ensure that 300 businesses in Surulere after this event, can take some of the outcomes of this event into their businesses.”

“We are having a practical training on ‘Google My Business’ and that has to do with how every business can go online. The way and manner we want people to begin to act in this day and age actually is using technology in problem solving.

“This is what we are trying to enforce. We want businesses and unemployed people and the government to realise that the only way and manner in which all of us needs to talk is, how can I solve problems using technology,” Olosunde added.

Also speaking, Lagos State Coordinator, NYSC, Mohammed Momoh, said NYSC has done a lot in ensuring that graduates get the skill set that is needed to secure employment.

Momoh explained: “We are doing a lot in this regard because we have partners who try to impact employability skills in our Corp members and they call it market readiness training to prepare the Corp members for office work.

“They try to brush up their weaknesses and their skills to ensure that they are employable and we have partners who also do this to enhance the skill of our Corp members and also prepare them for employment,” he said.

According to him, NYSC has a job portal, which is open to both small and big scale industries at no cost when they need to hire graduates.

He said the portal was created to serve the need of those who want to go into paid employment and are encouraged to log into the portal, put their video as CV and potential employers can accesss those curriculum vitae and invite those that excite them for interview and possible engagement.

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