Wednesday, 27th October 2021
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Students honour Bukar Usman as history, culture ambassador for Biu

The delegation comprising the President of Biu Emirate Students Association (BESA), Abdullahi Ibrahim Bwala, Secretary General, Nabil Musa Mustapha, Public Relations Officer, Mohammed Musa and member...

Dr. bukar usman

The delegation comprising the President of Biu Emirate Students Association (BESA), Abdullahi Ibrahim Bwala, Secretary General, Nabil Musa Mustapha, Public Relations Officer, Mohammed Musa and member, Ibrahim Abdullahi arrived Abuja from Zaria on September 7, 2021. Dr. BUkar Usman received the four-man delegation led by the BESA President, Mr. Abdullahi Ibrahim Bwala, at his residence.

In his brief remarks before the presentation of the award, Dr. Usman welcomed them and thanked them for braving the road to come all the way to make the presentation. He told them of the need for inclusiveness in whatever they were doing. In particular, he emphasized the need for them to uphold and promote religious tolerance Biu community is known for over the years.

After the presentation of the plaque and certificate of the award, he addressed the delegation at length and briefly narrated his educational and working life experiences and urged them to be steadfast in whatever career they wished to pursue.

In working life, he advised that they should treat people with civility and in a manner that they would hold their heads high and not compromise themselves and be afraid of their shadows after retirement. He urged them to strive to earn the confidence of their colleagues, subordinates and superiors who at any time could testify and vouch for their good character.

He also encouraged them to be obedient and diligent and punctual, saying they should always stand by the truth. “Truth is your armor,” he emphasized and cited instances where this admonition had served well some notables in high and low places in the public service.

Money is importantly, Dr. Usman advised, should not be the sole determinant in relationships and offering service. At the end of it all, he urged them to be honest to themselves when they ould have served enough and retire honorably from public life.

Going down memory lane to the colonial period, he narrated how Biu people recruited as domestic servants all over the federation by the colonial officers were noted for neatness and trustworthiness, noting that they didn’t steal or told lies.

The delegation informed him how they came across his books back home in Biu and how they read them with interest. A product of girl-child education in Biu Emirate had set up a school, he informed them, just as a member of the delegation testified that he was one of the products of the school called Minihaha and that he knew the proprietress. Dr. Usman said he mentioned this important fact to emphasize the importance of girl-child education in Biu Emirate.

Biu Emirate, which previously was under one Native Authority, he said, now has four local government areas, noting regretfully that “the four LGAs are not performing what the Native Authority did in offering excellent services to our people.

There was need for town planning to meet up with growing urbanization. Equally important is road to enhance access and interaction with outside world.”

As the interaction came to a close, Dr. Usman took the delegation on a tour to his study and bookstore. And on behalf of the Dr. Bukar Usman Foundation, he presented some books to members of the delegation. They took photographs and expressed appreciation after which the students took their leave, as he asked them to convey his best regards to their members and wished them safe journey.

BESA’s visit and award to Dr. Usman, according to BESA’s earlier letter of intimation, was in recognition of DR. Usman’s contributions in the promotion of Bui history and culture and also the Nigerian folklore industry where he has written lots of books and promoted through conferences.

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