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Chiedu’s biblical view of 100 Things Jesus Did Not Say


Vincent Chiedu’s new book 100 Things Jesus Did Not Say clarifies the misconception about what the bible says concerning Christian doctrines. The main objective of the book is to align with the truth, the queries and doubts that have risen in the minds of many Christians over time when the expectations and beliefs in what is read and taught from the scriptures do not seem to match up with real world experiences.  

It also addresses the issue of many feminists, who have concluded that the bible is biased against women. They say women’s basic rights are routinely subverted in its documented history, mores and traditions. In it Chiedu explains the natural tendencies in the makeup of the sexes that allow for different expression of spirituality, arguing that none is superior to the other.

Like a popular saying ‘Be careful what you wish for because you might get it,’ Chiedu’s view is the cons and pros of every rule, which does not still change the fact that humans are more or less have carte blanche with the Lord. 100 Things Jesus Did Not Say solves many problems of modern Christianity about life’s challenging situations like divorce, putting on of jewelries, drinking of alcohol and whether it is the desire of God for churches to be united in doctrines.

Chiedu achieves his goals of writing this spiritual book, which is to lift up Christ by accurately discerning his teachings so people can choose between the life and death options before them. He creates the expectation that anytime the truth in Christ shows up, purveyors of long established, doctrinal falsehood will take up arms and get enraged.

He further gives detailed explanation of the controversy about the exact nature of the Godhead, what the scripture teaches about the relationship between the Son of God and God the father.

However, the author also contradicts himself when he states that Jesus did not say we could not take medication and, in the next chapter, he writes that Jesus did not say we had to take medication. 100 Things Jesus Did Not Say is Chiedu’s second publication after The Wisdom of the Serpent, which is also bible-based.

Chiedu is a student and teacher of the bible scriptures. His divine assignment is to spread the message of the pre-eminence of the lord’s election of all men to a specific purpose in time and the constant need man will have for fellowship with God’s spirit to realise that purpose.


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