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Dr. Mekam: So that people can make right voting choices



As the next phase of election approaches, Obylicious Empire has released a movie titled, Dr. Mekam, which started its cinema run on Friday. The flick aims at changing the mindset of people of voting age so they could make right choices. FLORENCE UTOR spoke with , Chief Executive Officer of Obylicious Empire and producer of the movie.

Oby as she is fondly called said, “The movie is about a Nigerian born doctor who is practicing in America but decided to come back home and join politics, not knowing that politics in Nigeria means big money, which he does not have.

He discovered that the people are more concerned about stomach infrastructure rather than the long-term gain they are entitled to. The movie is meant to teach the people to use their brains rather than their stomach.”


Oby continued, “Think of it, you may be given rice and wrappers now but how long will those last, what happens thereafter, the politicians just get into office and sit on the money that is supposed to better the lives of generations to come and tell stories about a snake swallowing money and all that rubbish, all these needs to stop, how many countries do you hear of such things happening there.”

Oby whose major aim is to reach the grassroots with this message of liberation said, “I am just trying to use this movie to reach the grassroots, let them understand that their lives and that of their generations could be better by making the right choice.”

On how she intends to reach her target audience, Oby said, “We have done so much publicity on all platforms and I believe that somehow a lot of people are going to hear or read about it and that is just as good as watching it. You can’t reach the whole country, no matter what but at least if you are able to reach a good percentage then you have done well.”

She continued, “In as much as the movie is intellectual, it is also a comedy. It is not meant to libel anyone, as much as all the politicians are not the same. If anyone has an issue with the movie, let them examine themselves, and do the right thing.”

It stars Uche Jombo, Yemi Black, Gloria Young, Emeka Okoye Kalu Ikeagwu, Uche Jumbo, Yemi Blaq, Gloria Young, Seun Akindele, Emeka Okoye, Oby Olebara Uzoukwu, Chika Chukwu, Eric Obinna, Eva Appiah among others.

Talking on other businesses the empire is involved in, Oby said, “Obylicious Empire comprises four companies, we have a film academy with 20 students right now training people in acting, the merchandise arm is where we produce DVD’s, a film production unit which is in charge of the movies we produce here and an online television channel, AfriGo, which has been in existence since 2015.”

Oby said, “In another year, we hope to incorporate other areas of production in the academy to make it a complete film training institution.”

Though a nurse by training Oby said, “I have always loved the arts I love film production and acting in particular, and Obylicious empire has been a long time dream but due to child bearing and education I decided to wait a little longer but there can’t be a better time than now to launch out fully.”

On if the industry is matured enough for her to put such money into it, Oby said, “Well, I am actually doing this in a different perspective, and for sure I am going to make every kobo I invest in it.

I am going to the cinemas, and I will also have my works on my online platform where people will subscribe to view, like you know the world is now a global village.

“Besides, I know I am doing the right thing, producing the right movies, more so, anyone paying to watch any works produced from the stable of Obylicious Empire will be getting value for it and that is what will make viewers also want to view my works.”

On funding, Oby said, “Funding is a general problem in the industry, but this is a long time dream and as such I have been planning for it.

I have been in business for a while now and I kind of saved up. I knew it was going to involve a lot of money, which no one was going to give me, and it takes time for banks to look into approving a loan of such if at all.”

Acknowledging other producers Oby said, “I know all the producers that are doing well in the industry and I have learnt a thing or two from them, I believe they too would have learnt something from me too.

I don’t want to be like anybody, I just want to be me, if I want to be like anybody at all, it would be Oprah Winfrey because that is where I am taking Obylicious Empire.”

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