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Feathers Of Glory (Ode for a patriot Umaru Musa Yar’adua)


The art of writing

Oh Umaru Musa Yar’ Adua!!!
Time, time described as spirit.
Known to Allah, the creeping time to 9.

Yet yesterday, 9, the dept of time, my remembrance shown.
Great, the Umaru Musa Yar’Adua.
Proponent of Nationality, Blood of oneness, the Amnesty I know.

The President, I have come to love, understand and feel,
Yet far, yet close, discussed as green in mind. Fast asleep,
beautiful leader.


Umaru Musa, vegetation infallible.
Yet near like a light.
Shine ! Shine ! You Shine.
Yet seen, not equaled,
Even in dearth, 9 years.

Look, do we go back?
Uhmmm, was my morning, afternoon, evening nurtured?

Not our dream, not your ways, we sing, while they drift,
The ocean tide swinging us, oh captain,
Where do we go? Silence, Great silence, the voyagers cry.

Oh Great Umaru, Great.
The true voice of peace.
The democrat, the revolutionary peace maker. Incisive leader.
Nine, nine, my people cry.
Love personified, true and true. Like the creeping morning, to the creeping
noon and night falls, till 9.


9 standing like 9, Which Leader, after you?

Democracy creeping after your passage!!!
Time 9, time I mourn.

None to equal,
epitome of peace.
Giant in deeds, Umaru Musa, humble in voice.

Detribalized, emancipator,
true freedom fighter.
You demystify power,

Gave the people power!!!

Yar’Adua Umaru Musa,
Kastina born, Felt in the Niger Delta.
Bridge builder, Yar’ Adua Musa Umaru, are you dead?
The nightingale says no!!!
Sing, dance, hale the patriot.
Thy legacy, hill like Kilimanjaro.
Leader of all, brother to down trodden.


Oh Umaru Musa,
Oh evening, oh day, oh night, 9times, 9years, 12 months,
my thought, sing your praise.

History is kind to you.
Great teacher,
Great Nationalist.
Greatest President,
African patriot,

Oh Umaru Musa Yar’Adua.
My nation, my voice.
Locomotive leader.
Mystify 3 years on throne,
You came, you conquered.

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