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For that well-deserved excitement during holiday


The Christmas and New Year holiday is around the corner. And school children will soon be home to get some respite from rigorous academic activities from the beginning of the year.

But how well are parents prepared for this break? How can parents make the time less stressful and worthwhile, so that all concerned will benefit from it?

Well, there are several activities that children can productively engage in, so that by the time they resume, they are refreshed and ready for the class.

It should be noted that children are meant to rest and do other stimulating activities and shift attention from academics. So, parents would do well to ensure that in their plans for the holiday, the children are not weighed down by bookish ventures.


Rather, they should be entertained, provided with lots of excitement and to make the holiday a memorable one.

Parents can take children to amusement parks, cinemas and gardens, among others. All these places provide plenty of exciting and fun-filled activities that are guaranteed to keep children asking for more.

It is important to note that parents’ supervision, while children undertake these activities is essential. Especially where the children are still very small, parents should be alert and extra careful to ensure their children are safe and well tended. Safety is of utmost importance.

Spending quality time with the children, some of whom had been in the boarding school, is equally important during this period. And there is no better way of doing this than by going for events that include both parents and children.

Parents should remember that children want love, care and attention during this period. So, they should be given lots of it. And when they return to school, they will still feel the warmth and love with which daddy and mummy showered them unreservedly.

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