Tuesday, 28th November 2023
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In Memories On A Platter, Ukoh interrogates rich culinary heritage

By Gregory Austin Nwakunor
02 August 2023   |   4:00 am
Prominent marketing expert and food blogger, Iquo Ukoh, recently, launched her new cookbook, Memories On A Platter: My Journey with Nigerian Food.
Memories On A Platter

Former Commissioner for Education, Lagos State, Folasade Adefisayo; Iquo Ukoh, author, Memories on a platter; Managing Director, Falcon Corporation Ltd, Prof Joseph Ezigbo; Chairman Jott Ltd., Mr Thomas Osobu; Deputy Managing Director, Falcon Corporation Ltd, Mrs Audrey Joe -Ezigbo and Managing Director, Kambil Plastics Ltd, Mr. Udoyo Ukoh, during the launch of the book in Lagos.

Prominent marketing expert and food blogger, Iquo Ukoh, recently, launched her new cookbook, Memories On A Platter: My Journey with Nigerian Food.

Infused with rich cultural experiences, mind-blowing flavours, and stunning food photography, the book capture the essence, ingredients and dishes that make up Nigeria’s culinary diversity; highlighting the importance of preserving the country’s identity through food.

While it is laced with nostalgic memories from the author’s childhood, it takes the reader on a historical journey of Nigerian cuisine from the 60s to the present day.

From nostalgic food memories to conversations on climate change, small-scale farming, and its impact on food production, the unveiling featured a panel discussion with industry leaders including, Chef Michael Elegbede (Itan Kitchen), Uzo Orimolade (UzozsFoodLabs), CEO of August Secrets Limited, Toyin Onibanjo, Akin Akinkugbe of (TheHealthyBillionaire) and Idy Toye-Arulogun, author of Calabar Love Potion.

Atim Ukoh, the Creative Director of Afrolems, moderated the panel.
Memories On A Platter was formally launched in Toronto last month and the book was well received by audiences in North America, where guests enjoyed a curated menu of authentic Nigerian dishes that capture the tastes, textures, colours, and complexities of Nigerian food and were immersed in a historical journey of Nigerian cuisine.

The event gave guests a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Memories On A Platter, and attendees sampled Nigerian staples such as, Ridi Chin Chin, Garri and Groundnut, Jollof rice, Dodo, Eba, Edesi Isip (Coconut Rice), Egusi soup and Chapman drink.

“In Africa, there’s been a gap in documenting our culinary techniques, regional delicacies, and diversity of flavours, so, I wanted to share the Nigerian food story with a global audience,” said Ukoh. “Our food conversations were centered around childhood frustrations in the kitchen and the perils of diaspora living. Guests shared the difficulties encountered in sourcing Nigerian ingredients abroad and the recipe changes they’ve had to make when recreating staple Nigerian dishes.”

The food writer and chef, Tunde Wey, said: “For a country spanning 250 different ethnic groups, there’s a certain ironic provincialism that Mrs. Ukoh’s work refutes. She reminds us about ingredients, dishes, and techniques from the kitchens of our outer provinces, towns, and markets; inspiring us to push our cuisine forward, blending the old with the new, to show us what Nigeria is and can be.”

The book, which has over 130 recipes, is available on Amazon, Book Nook, and Roving Heights.