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In new show, Obi, Osagie, others deepen perception of Colour in Light


One of Chigozie Obi’s painting on display at the exhibition

Chigozie Obi, Osagie, Ua.x Seyi, Apreel Geek and Chukwuka Nwobi latest show, Colour in Light, was on Terra Kulture’s virtual platform from June 11 to August 11, 2020.

The five artists, according to Terra Kulture, work with varying media such as painting, photography and film.


The show explores the relationship between sight and perception, with each artist exploring the relationship between colour and light and emoting colour through light and shadow.

Excerpts from Terra Kulture Gallery:
“We see colour everywhere. We may say we do not see colour, we perceive it. Colour is derived from the perception of wavelengths of light. When white light travels through a prism, it creates the full spectrum because it is a mix of all the electromagnetic wavelengths that create the colours of the spectrum. When it travels through the glass, each wavelength bends at different speeds to spread out into each colour, red traveling the fastest, and violet the slowest. The human eye can distinguish between eight and 10 million colours, with each tint, shade, tone or combination fulfilling its own experience. Colour in Light is a visual journey through the eyes of artists who establish emotions through colour and intensity in their works.

“The exhibition explores their disparate renditions of colour in light to leave the viewer with a more conscious view on colour, and its competence in our vibrations, sensibilities, and environment. Colour helps us discern the world.”

Obi is a visual artist from Anambra, raised and based in Lagos. She only started taking painting seriously during her internship, when she began mastering colour usage and proportions in her oil paintings.

Osagie is an aesthetic developer from Edo State. From capturing his secondary school party outfits to collecting (sneakers, music CDs, action figures, comics) and constructing abstract renditions of objects in his everyday life, he always preserved the finer things in life.


Seyi rouses relaxation and tranquillity in the shadows that extend through his hard-natural lit tableaus of photo sets and films.

In this show, Seyi reflects the intense contrast and colour light balance between the subjects and their background. He meticulously contrasts his photos to absorb excess light and foster more vibrant colours, so the hue and light radiate all parts of the frame.

Geek is an artist, photographer and illustrator who has been drawing since he was a child… in his words, ‘Art is all I know’. Inspired by his environment and childhood experiences, a person born or raised in Nigeria connects with his suggestive compositions, speculative abstracts, and sonorous landscapes. To a person who may not be born or raised in Nigeria, you equally well feel the pull from the past in his time warps about growth.

Nwobi screams his identity through fictional works in writing, art photography, and directing, continuously breaking his own barriers. In this exhibition, he experiments with colour and light through double and long exposure in his superimposed photomontages of women. Women are intuitive and procreative. Women are angels. He accentuates femininity and transparency by highlighting the feeling of seeing an angel from his compiled photos and videos of female characters over the years.


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