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In The 7 Secrets In The Conqueror’s Mind, Agbamu explores pragmatics of success


Tony Agbamu’s The 7 Secrets In The Conqueror’s Mind is an insightful examination of the essentials of success. The 14-chapter book, which treats the pragmatics of success is easy to read with its big font size, and caters for ambitious success driven young ones and old.

The 7 Secrets In The Conqueror’s Mind as precepts are non-negotiable success recipes as the author encourages a vivid reflection on life and the reader discovers where he or she winds up in the course of reading the book.

The author introduces the first chapter with the three steps to life: “In life, one needs to capture, conquer and consolidate to get success; otherwise one will be cremated. These three are the necessary steps in life to achieve success,” which basically cover the major objectives of the book, as he cites examples from day-to-day existence and relationships, to the polity and the consequences of failure.


Agbamu who teaches the secrets of success says: “To conquer is to overcome and have dominion over all-person, territory or kingdom…”
Chapter two deals with the entity of ‘Capture’ and he sub-titles it ‘I Came, I Saw; I Captured …’

According to him, “to capture is an object, which one sets out to achieve and it is built on desire… The process of capturing is important in the stratagem of life. An individual that has been captured will do things at the detriment of him or herself to please the person who had him/her captured…”

The author uses easy illustrations of known people and countries all over the world that have either failed or achieved success at certain stages for clarity and understanding.He, however, emphasises: “Capturing is the first step towards achieving what an individual desires … being stuck at this stage is fatal as the process of capturing becomes obsolete when it is not improved upon and taken to the stage of conquering and then consolidation…”

Chapter three treats ‘Conquering’, as the author opens the page with Napoleon Bonaparte’s quote: “There are only two forces in the world, the sword and the spirit. In the long run the sword will always be conquered by the spirit.” Agbamu explains that the process of conquering requires more efforts to achieve it, but when achieved, it is easy and more straightforward to sustain.

Chapter four highlights the criteria and strategy needed for capturing to be communication, self-promotion and moral compass. While chapter five relates the detriment of capturing and not conquering. The author illustrates the concept with a South African photojournalist Kelvin Carter, who captured a photo of a vulture waiting for a starving Sudanese girl to die and feast on her during the 1993 famine in Sudan, but failed to conquer the hearts of the people because he didn’t attempt to help the girl, neither did he find out what happened after capturing the scene as he took off to catch his flight back home.He says: “In the process of capturing and conquering, the ultimate aim is to get ahead and be the best of the rest…”

The author highlights the elements of conquering, the psychology of capturing and conquering, the environment and the process of capturing and conquering, brands and the process of capturing and conquering, the stages/boxes of capturing, to capture or conquer and others.

Agbamu rounds off his expose on successful life with the sub-title “Castration and Cremation” where he cites the instance of a former Governor of Lagos State, Akinwunmi Ambode as a person who came, saw, captured, conquered but failed to consolidate.

The author, however, notes that the major tenet in the process of capturing and conquering is to make sure that the process of celebration is achieved. “Those who capture and do not try to maintain their achievements fail; this is how nature works.”

In The 7 Secrets In The Conqueror’s Mind, Agbamu displays his knowledge of how humans, life, and the world works, such that he leaves no stone unturned in his postulations on how to attain success in all ramifications.


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