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Life, corruption and oneness



Life continues in bits, in strings of a cord; life is musical, life is a stage. The drama continues so long, so long. The purity in life is the undaunted conscience it owns. Climatic, anticlimactic, there are possibilities in life. Puritans versus plunderers, always. The hardliners of the struggle, even in the book of accounts, ubiquitous, ubiquitous! Mature moment to render mortal, misogynistic and even misanthropic cynicisms of the duo!
Dream! Dream! An unkind impasse dissipates into moribund.
Dream! Dream! Posthumously, concrete concord bearing kingship to us as unit, manifest in greater heartthrobs that spell eternity and immorality to our oneness.
Dream! Dream! The dreamer awakes and screams, Acerta! Acerta! Corruption is enemy of our oneness!

Corruption is conscience-void. Corruption cedes wealth cryptically from the hoi polloi to the affluent. Corruption is satanic. With crooked heart, corruption is master artist for mischief and thieving! Thieving! Thieving!

Thief, thou are blessed by the devil. Thy coast thou water with the tears of the hoi polloi. Thou cut corners even with invisible hands. Thou empty the joint accounts thou hold with thy childhood friends and business associates and in consequence, thou sacrifice mutual trust.


Thou deplete funds in thy trust and thou claim innocence. But the rules of accountability and transparency and integrity thou slight! Thy claim of innocence mocks the truth. Some vital economic development and payment of accrued wages, thou have consequently stalled.

Even as minister or commissioner, thou have misappropriated funds by mischievous diversions that at end leave the treasury virtually empty. Among others, the government meets the problems associated with climate change such as increased desertification, consequential decrease in arable land, gully erosions in cities and village (a pandemic occurrence) and a preponderance of youth unemployment.

Preventive and salvation efforts are needed to avoid socio-economic disaster. An empty treasury is nothing the government can bank upon. Attempts to make you return your illegal enrichments thou have bluffed even through extra-ordinary measures. Thou have even gone further to pervert justice by negatively influencing the judiciary (giving gratifications to judges and other court officials) so that justice does not serve.

In our closets and wardrobes, thou are termites; and in the valley and on the mountain, thou are fire under our feet. Thou have insatiable appetite for greed and selfishness. Thou have bled the land almost to a comma! Stop drumming for war! Avoid provoking the righteous indignation of the masses! Thy antics and tactics could backfire! All ill-gotten wealth must be returned to the land to appease humanity.

Promoting disaffection and dismemberment of the nation energized with chest beating and drums of war are an abomination, selfish, diversionary and skin-saving. Whether at private level or public corruption is enemy of our oneness. Music of peace and love we desire! Remorse and refrain are path back to humanity via purity.

In order to make humanity centric in our private, personal and public lives, the teaching of Ethics at all levels of our educational system becomes imperative.

In all, whatever we do or say, humanity matters most. Anything that gravitates away from this focus is a waste.

• Agbeja is a visiting Associate Professor at Covenant University, Ota, Ogun State

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