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A Lazy Poet is product of my environment


Anda Damisa, known widely as Lazy Writa, recently released a book, titled, A Lazy Poet. The writer, who was listed in Y Naija’s top 100 social media influencers of 2013, is the face of some of the country’s leading brands.
Speaking with The Guardian at the launch of the 70-page poetry book in Lagos, Damisa, who described his social media activism as a coincidence, said, “it was something I stumbled upon. First and foremost, I’ve been an avid reader and have always loved writing, so, I like to define myself as a writer first before any other thing.
A Lazy Poet is a collection of 22 poems that talk about everything. “It is a book everybody can relate to. There’s something in there for everybody — sweet, bitter, touchy experiences and something to remember. It’s a collection of poetry about love, pain, heartbreak, life and much more. There’s something on love, romance (The Golden Quartet), pain (Pain Song, Grief), and this book is basically on daily lifestyle,” he said. “I am inspired by personal experiences and from the works of other brilliant authors that I read.”   

On what influenced the book, he said, “life in general and life as a Nigerian. I was able to relate life as a Nigerian in pain, in heartbreak, in love, and even in our currency, growing up and in our prayers.”  
On his favourite poem, he said, “my favourite poem is titled, Do Not Love Me. A lot of people love it, because when I put up a video of me online reciting the first stanza of the poetry, a lot of people fell in love with it. Do Not Love Me is basically about a young man, who has gone through a lot of heartbreaks, and then, he’s now a hunter, and no longer the prey; his heart cannot be broken anymore. He’s now the bad guy like they say, he’s like the Yoruba Demon. So, this is him saying, ‘don’t love me, whatever you want from me must just be a fling, I don’t have time for the whole deep commitment in relationship because I’m tired of not having loyalty in return.”
On how long it took him to write the book, he said, “five years. And as a writer, I write, keep going back and forth, edit, wake up one morning and decide to read it and then get new ideas again. I’m sure if I had not published today, and I read this next week, I will still find something to edit.  Most of the poems in this book were written between 2011 and 2017.
On his next plan, he said, “most of the poems written recently will be in my next book, and I’m also exploring writing on my niche, which is, social digital media strategy.”

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