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Hold the head high and the crown shall stay up


Our languages were formed by an ability to hear the earth’s heartbeat and that sound was used to form our names and to create music

Our names, expressions of The Creator’s magnificence, and recognizing and revering the world and it’s wonders

Our music, the beautiful melodious heartbeat of the earth, showcased through drums that talk as open palms descend down upon its hollowed centre

Handcrafted symbols created from the earth’s metals, translated through sound the vibrational frequency that emanated from its beating heart
Flutes were used to transport that perfectly tuned resonance and infused into man and land alike; magically levitating both

It’s that connection to the heartbeat that enshrined spiritual laws which governed our collective way of life.
We built empires!
Prosperous and peaceful.
Till date, the world is yet to come to terms with the advanced societies that we created millennia upon millennia ago

The pulsating tunes of our drums echoed with increasing intensity across land and sea
Reaching humanity across the globe and calling them home
The Creator’s eternal love given to us through the beating heart of the Earth is how we learned the language of the heart

As they came seeking, we communicated with one another through this very language
They marvelled at how the upright patterned nature of our walk resembled a synchronized dance

How we healed and created through sound
In cognizance of our creation being fostered by the most powerful act of love, we willingly shared that love with those that came seeking
They went back, imparting the sacred knowledge gained, and applied it to the benefit of their fellow man

Those who wanted more than what was needed, resorted to trickery under the guise of seeking further knowledge so as to be able to do more
Their actions had grave consequences as it was a direct violation of spiritual and natural laws.
An imbalance was created as a result
Our drums, handcrafted symbols and flutes began to fall flat and could no longer keep up with the earth’s beating heart

From the dark, light no longer came.
The heart of man hardened as it was no longer being nourished from the earth’s heart
Unnatural systems took place of natural ones
Man-made laws were made to supersede spiritual laws
Manipulation, chaos and exploitation of our fellow man and land soon followed

Although feet were firmly planted on the ground, our walk no longer resembled the synchronistic dance that it once was and our footsteps began to stutter
An artificial haze prevented us from looking forward and above for direction
We began to look down and in doing so the crown fell

With the crown on the ground, we could no longer claim dominion over the land as we once did and as was divinely ordained

Feet planted. Head up. Face forward. And the crown shall be restored atop the head.
Our walk shall resemble dance once again. Our ears shall hear The Eternal heartbeat once again
And our hearts will soften once again from nourishment

It is then that our lost glory shall be restored!

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PJ Okocha
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