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New book preaches peaceful coexistence through religious tolerance


Aimed at preaching against the ugly trend of religious bigotry in the country, Femi Takuro, has launched a new book titled, Is the Kingdom of God for a Particular Religion?” designed to encourage religious tolerance. The book examines the histories, doctrines and teachings of the five major religions in the world – Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity and Islam and expounds on their areas of similarities and differences without being biased. The author finally suggests steps that can be taken that could inspire religious tolerance, which will lead to peaceful coexistence.

As opposed to the religious harmony that once existed in Nigeria, Takuro argues that there has been a steady rise in killing, maiming and destruction disguised in the name of religion.

According to Takuro, “Yes, there are differences, which are as a result of lack of understanding of one another’s doctrines. However, like the proverbial statement of the teeth and tongue, these should not prevent us from living together in peace and harmony, as creatures and children of the same God.”


According to the chairman of the event, Mr. Brimo Ogunwale, the underlining message in the book is that there is need for religious tolerance among Nigerians, noting that bigotry necessarily blurs the need to do things right.

“Our problem is not religion, but rather our self-centred interests,” he stated. “What we need is a good leader, which is missing for now. This person will have to be chosen by God for Nigeria; I say this because Nigerians lack the capacity to source for a good leader. I believe very soon, not too long from now, a good leader will emerge.”

Book reviewer and editor of Freedom online, Mr. Gabriel Akinadewo, said that what the author has done is like the work of a highway engineer, who maps out, charts, surveys terrain and feels the texture of the soil before the construction of a road suitable for users.

He further said, “Whether you are a Christian, Muslim, Judaist, Hindus or Buddhist, this book relates to everybody. Although he mentioned other religions in the book, in Nigeria, we are faced, once again, with the running debate of finding the thin, dividing thread between Christianity and Islam, the two most popular religions in our land. Of course, there is a marked difference between the two, but if you read this book, you will find out that it is possible to view both as similar to the other.

“In trying to assert himself that we all serve the same God, who does not discriminate, the author comes across as a man of God imbued with vision and imagination. Because of its depth and objectivity, this is a book I will recommend to all Christians, Muslims and adherents of other faiths.”

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