Saturday, 2nd December 2023

Nse Ikpe-Etim, William Coupon and Nere Teriba in latest Visual Collaborative SDG publication

To have an impact in society, exposure beyond groupthink, coupled with an intense work ethic is truly one of the keys to "staying power".

To have an impact in society, exposure beyond groupthink, coupled with an intense work ethic is truly one of the keys to “staying power”. The Creative- Sector’s value chain and its innovative ways have become more evident when it comes to SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). As 2019 gently dissolves, “Supernova” the latest title of the Visual Collaborative publishing catalog, featuring 23 game-changers puts an exclamation on real impact. This readership information from data, shows the catalog leaping into the future, forming a unique and all too relevant substratum for diverse disciplines converged to solve present-day problems.

For Ade Olufeko, it is not his public lectures or calm endurance, neither his well-documented and significant contributions to the arts and technology in West Africa, United States and Europe. It is his world-class attitude. His effortless work to the public designing a masterpiece of interviews. Releasing a collective of 4 volumes highlighting an impressive roster of over 100 trailblazing change-makers – from activists to artists, politicians to climate change campaigners – who are all breaking barriers across the globe.

The cast of the most recent volume “Supernova“, includes Bisila Bokoko, global speaker, businesswoman, and philanthropist; William Coupon, American photographer, Xárene Eskandar, researcher and designer; Nse Ikpe-Etim, award-winning Nollywood actress; Nere Teriba, the first woman to build the first gold refinery in Nigeria; Tan Haur, an art program leader in Singapore; Yumiko Kayukawa, a Japanese artist based in Seattle Washington; Ade Adekola, a Lagos-based conceptual artist whose pieces emphasize on looking beyond normal sight; Arlene Wandera, a Kenyan visual artist based in London; Ervin Pope, award-winning music producer; Kiki James, NGO and education advocate; Jerlyn (Thomas) O’Donnell, product designer based in New York City; Anthony Armendariz, Head of Design at Funsize; Michel Rothschild, a Creative Director at Dieste, Inc; and Opeyemi Akinfe, the boss and co-founder at Moderncontempo. The reception of previous volumes, notably; Polaris (Collective’s first issue, April 2019), Voyager, Volume 2 (June 2019) and Vivencias, Volume 3 (September 2019) featuring Seun Kuti, Aya Chebbi, Tosin Oshinowo, Bahia Shehab, Husani Oakley, Polly Alakija and many others had mostly positive reviews.