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Ogbueli’s stories of people healed of cancer provides succor to sufferers



For Ogochukwu Ogbueli, there is no sickness or disease that does not have a cure; it only takes the right mindset. In her book, titled, Stories of people healed of cancer, she chronicles how people overcome this terminal disease.

She notes: “Cancer is not a death sentence.”

The journey to writing the book started in August 15, 2018, when her friend passed away due to breast cancer. According to Ogbueli, her friend had traveled abroad for treatment but unfortunately passed away two weeks after.

“Her death was a shock. When I got the news of her death, I didn’t know what to do because we thought she was going to pull through as she traveled abroad for treatment,” she says.


In a bid to help others pull through the disease, an idea came to her, which is compiling stories of those who overcame the challenge.

“I really don’t know what to do but I got this idea that there are people who survived the ailment. So, I said to myself, if I’m able to put their stories in a book, their faith could come alive and eventually pull through the disease.

“Some people when they hear of cancer think it’s a death sentence and thus become helpless, thinking that it’s the end and nothing can be done. But it is not so, I believe that the stories of others in the book will give hope and healing. Cancer is not a death sentence, there are things people can still do to survive it,” Ogbueli explains.

Her research effort and testimonies of those who survived opened Ogbueli’s eyes to steps to conquer and subdue the disease.

According to information released by the Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy (CECP- Nigeria), 30 Nigerian women die every day of breast cancer (a cancer that can be cured if detected early), one Nigerian woman dies every hour of cervical cancer (a cancer that is virtually 100 per cent preventable), 14 Nigerian men die daily of prostate cancer (another cancer that can be cured if detected early), one Nigerian dies every hour of liver cancer (a cancer that is preventable through vaccination) and one Nigerian dies every two hours of colon cancer (another cancer that is virtually 100 per cent preventable).

“There are really four options in all that I have discovered. The fourth one, which is the least, is ‘Do nothing and die.’ cancer is really a killer disease, some people when they get diagnose, because they have no money, they just sit down doing nothing till they die.”

The third shot for Ogbueli is for cancer patients to “go through the medical. Go through the chemotherapy. It has helped a lot of people. I am not one of those who discourage people from going for chemotherapy. When you do it, let it be by faith. The components used for the medicines are from plants and actually from God’s word. So, when you believe that when you take it, it will work for you, it will actually work for you. There are testimonies to that.’

She equally highlights the importance of herbal treatment. She says there are plants; natural spices and herbs people have used to cure the disease. “You know this body is initially created to live on plants and animals. With that, you can use plants to cure this disease.”

The first remedy that Ogbueli prescribes is ‘God’s word to heal.’ According to her, “this is what this book is all about. If you can apply God’s word to your life, you’ll definitely be healed. And it is not just to believe in God’s word, you need to stand on his word, especially the scriptures. There are people that I’m working with right now that I have shared this book with; they have called to share their testimonies.”

Ogbueli notes that just like drugs, doctors prescribe for their patients, the Word of God should be given same preference.

However, the mother of five emphasises the importance of proper care of one’s health by going for regular medical checkups. She also recommends increase in vegetable intake for the family. “You don’t have to be sick before doing routine check up.”

She cites the example of a young man who was diagnosed of prostrate cancer that was fast growing, and because he noticed it early, it was tackled immediately. “Please young ladies immediately you notice lumps in your breast or armpit, do something about it real quick before it gets advanced.”

Ogbueli urges government to provide free medical care for cancer patients, because part of the things that discourages people from treatment is due to financial constraint.

“A cancer patient told me that she had discontinued treatment because of lack of funds, although she has done the first part of her treatment and she said she feels well but going back to the government hospital for continuation of the test, which is about N50, 000 is a problem for her. If it were possible for the government to offer this test for free, it would help, government should also create a place where people can go for the test free of charge.”


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