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Play on intergeneration conflict for stage



THESPIAN Family  Theatre and Production

The Thespian family theatre and production has concluded arrangement to present Itan, a play on the intergenerational conflict in the modern day world.

Speaking on the play, the writer and Executive Producer, Ayo Jayesimi said it is about giving a way forward on how to resolve intergenerational conflicts among the older generation and the younger ones, for them to understand each other, which will bring about a better and united community

She noted that issues around diversity are now being looked at very seriously, because for any community to work well, apart from the laws and structures, the managers must understand the diversity of the people in that community.

The play, Itan, directed by Mr. Ben Tomoloju, which would be presented on March 26 and 27 at MUSON centre, she said was a product of the fact that there is a growing conflict between the younger generation and the older generation. “And because of this, communities and organisations are not optimising the potential of young people because we cannot get the young and old generation to work together. You find out that the way young people want to live and work is very different from the way older people are used to. The play, Itan, tries to bring out the reality of this generational conflict, try to make people understand that it exists and sensitise the two generations to try to understand each other.

“We believe that there is good in the old, as they like building structures and have gone through a lot of experiences as a result, an embodiment of wisdom. The young are very energetic, resourceful and creative and very techy and the world which we are going to be in the next couple of years is their world, so it is very important that the older ones understand them. You can only mentor those you take time to understand, we also want the younger generation to understand the older generation so that there is a respect for them and that they can glean some things off them.”

According to her, the play narrates the story of an elderly man in the village, who has a grandson in the city and he tried to look for him in the city, they met and there was a conflict. And Asiko, a character in the play, took them into the past and the future and what was revealed to them made them understand that they have to work together to survive.

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