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Collectors society in Art Studio Tour initiative


Art pieces in Dashur’s gallery

Recently, members and friends of the Society for Art Collection (SARTCOL) visited Engr. Ibikunle Dashur’s private gallery and studio located on Lakowe Lakes and Resort, Lakowe, Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos for what could be likened to ‘arts immersion’. The event was part of SARTCOL’s mission to educate the public on art collection and art appreciation.

Touring his private gallery, a modern and tastefully designed duplex with solely his art works exhibited, Dashur shared his personal experience and connection with each of his paintings. While some guests explored his art, by personally interpreting them, others enjoyed the moments, sharing how appealing and engaging the works are to them.

The tour also featured a practical session at his studio, where Dashur showed his creative processes with detailed explanation of how and what makes his works unique. It was an avenue to learn, have fun and network with other art enthusiasts and collectors.


“I really enjoyed the event,” Dr. Adun Okupe said. “I thought that it was beautiful to get some of us out of Lagos to Lakowe, in terms of the tranquility and serenity and getting to see the work of Dashur. And seeing that this was a passion that has then been used as cathartic expression to deal with certain life issues as we navigate life.”

Okupe added: “It’s also quite inspiring because it shows you that sometimes the power to heal is within you. It’s been also nice to meet other people, to meet people from the Society for Art Collection and to see that within the chaotic energy that Lagos sometimes bring that there is an element of people that are trying to give us a sense of escapism, a space of reflection and restoration with art.”

Mrs. Ifeoma Utah said she learnt more about art. “It was enlightening and insightful. I enjoyed being surrounded by art, which spoke to me at different ways. I take my weekend seriously, so, believe me when I say this was a day well spent,” Utah said.

Megha Joshi is delighted to experience the work and passion of a Nigerian artist, get insight into his creative and visualisation process. “I feel lucky to be part of a group of people who share this experience and deepen my understanding of art and its appreciation. I encourage more people to join the society to be part of this well curated event,” nudge Joshi.

Collecting art not only helps individuals appreciate and support the creative works of artists, it also gives the opportunity to share in the artists’ creative space and thought process. This remains the goal of this ‘Art Studio Tour’ initiative, which is aimed at providing our members with the ‘behind the scenes’ experience on the artists’ creative process.

Dashur is a well-recognised artist whose medium vaciltates to minimalism, expressionism and abstraction art infused with stylised portraits, landscapes, figurative expressions and humanism.

He is greatly inspired and influenced by post-war abstract art and artists, with an adopted unique style of wet-on-wet build-up of colours, smeared and scraped layers of paint and colours across on canvas and wood. His work encompasses the expressive gestures of action painting, intuitiveness in expressionism, and sometimes, colours field painting.

Dashur is the president of Construct Mache Group, a construction, real estate and project design group of companies based in Nigeria, with offices in Lagos and Abuja.


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