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Adeyemi Adelola: Passionate comedian, photographer


My name is Adeyemi Adelola and I am 14 years old. I am a comedian and a photographer. I have always wanted to be a comedian because of my natural ability to make people laugh and pull them out of their sad state.

My journey into the humour world started two years ago, when my comedy skits actually began. I have always had a passion for acting. Since overcoming the challenges of shyness and unnecessary anxiety, I have been able to develop my acting skill and feel good. So, I love taking part in performances, especially those that I find interesting.

My getting involved in the entertainment industry started one day, while I was playing in front of our house. I saw a group of people that had come to shoot a movie in the neighbourhood. My mum, who also saw them, asked me if I liked what they were doing because she knew that I like acting, and I said yes.


So, she spoke to one of them about my interest in acting and paid for me to start taking lessons. That marked the beginning of my acting career, as I began learning from them and undertaking professional coaching.

Like every other field, there are quite a lot of challenges in the work. One of them is that whenever we go for rehearsals or come up with something, we have to wait for others to come because we live in different areas, so I sometimes get tired. What I do in such situations is to just ask my producer to excuse me, that I would soon return to the set. Then, I would just go and sit somewhere and meditate on other things. This has been one of the ways I overcome that particular challenge.

Another area of challenge has to do with combining my school work with acting. I solve that challenge by going to school from Monday to Friday and on Saturday, I do most of my skits.


My role models are AY Makun, the comedian and Ronke Oshodi Oke. I like their composure and the way they pronounce words.
I make money from advertising and doing promotional skits.

In the next five years, I see myself in a bigger place, travelling around the world, doing stand up comedy and above all, helping people and bringing the best out of them.

My advice for other kids is that they should not waste or bury their talents. They should do everything possible to convert their talents into skills and impact others with these skills. To be able to achieve their dreams, they have to be passionate and more importantly, they should always focus on their studies. By doing all these, they will be able to build a successful life and have a bright future.


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