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Little Karissa Omoye is CEO of Bosscake Company


Little Karissa Omoye is CEO of Bosscake Company

My name is Karissa Omoye Omosun, a primary 2 pupil of a private school in Lagos.

I am the CEO of Bosscake company; an established company that bakes cakes for different events. I’m six years old. I come from a family of four (dad, mum, little brother and I).

I am a very friendly, nice, intelligent and easygoing child.


How and when did it start?

Well I just discovered from Age 3 that I loved anything baking and cooking. I would watch videos on my mum’s iPad and watch food channel on Dstv.

The food channel on cable TV was so inspiring to my little me because it showed how to bake different cakes, meat pie, make salad and any food you could think of.

My mum would scream and say that if I spent the same amount of time reading my books then I wouldn’t even need a teacher because I was passionate about it as I watched each of these programs. I would take a note to jot down whatever I had learnt.

In no time, I became a mastery of all without being in the physical class. As much as my mum tried to discourage me from watching these videos, I became more passionate about learning about it.

If I entered any eatery that baked cake as well, I tried to ask several questions concerning the cake, my mum would pretend like she was going to leave me there and say “if you don’t move now I would leave you” but I always learnt something from asking those questions.

First real-life experience

This was when I was 5 years old and GT Bank invited me to the SKS “I can bake” class which was usually for their account holders which held during their food and drink exhibition last year. I was so excited to be given my flour, eggs, sugar and all I needed to bake and then I mixed them together.

Mind you, this was something my mum never agreed to buy for me.The only material I had at home was the oven and maybe a whisk then. I could answer all the questions I was asked as I already had a ‘PhD’ from my online learning which was surprising to the tutors.


Whilst other children were excited collecting gifts after the baking class, I was more excited that I had baked and didn’t want to pull the apron that was given to me.

I was also privileged to be invited for this year’s baking class and it was also another great opportunity for me to show my baking skills.
Weekend skill acquisition classes (baking class)

The first encounter with Kid Entrepreneurs was when I had to sell Ankara bags, beads and accessories at the Kid Entrepreneur Business fair in September 2017.

This was something else I had an interest in but my mum allowed me to do it since I wouldn’t have to be using the oven on my own even though I really wanted to sell cupcakes.

I was shocked to see many focused children there even though young but already knew what business was all about and they went all out in doing advertising.

This was my first time but I knew I could do the same thing so I started telling people about my product and some others didn’t wait to be told but would come around and say “I am buying some of your accessories just to encourage you as a young entrepreneur” and oh mine I was really excited.

In no time the fair ended and I was so relieved because I had done some few works trying to prepare for the main day.

It was very successful and I had family and friends coming to support me and also had a friend of mine who assisted in making sure we had good sales.


My mum later realized that she couldn’t discourage me from my passion and decided to register me for the baking class at the weekend skill acquisition class organized by Kid Entrepreneurs early this year.

The teacher was so impressed with me because I could answer any question on baking and I always looked forward to those Satudays with my dedicated bag which had my apron, notepad, pen and everything I needed for the class.

I also remember very well the day we made meat pie even though I really didn’t like meat pie but those meat pies were so yummy that children from other skill acquisition class all gathered in our class to have some bites.

My mum was also not left out as she took a bite and could not let go until she consumed it all and found it hard to believe we made it.

I still can’t forget a class that was postponed due to a Marathon that held in Lagos. I was so sad because every class was worth looking forward to.

Other passion/hobbies

Apart from baking, I like anything fashion, dancing, travelling, singing, playing piano and acting. I like designing accessories which was the reason I sold accessories at the last Kentfair.

Inspired by

A lot of people have inspired me. They include my parents who are always there for me whenever there is a program to attend, my little brother, my grandma, my head of school who gives us the room to fly as long as you have a nice idea, my teachers, and those that allowed me use their kitchens to bake when mum wouldn’t and many too numerous to mention.

Business name

My business name is Boss cake @bosscakeboss. I remember when my mum was going to register a business name for me and asked me for a name and I said ‘’the cake boss’’.

Unfortunately she couldn’t get that name registered as there was already somebody registered with that name and came back with the ‘’boss cake’’ and I said it was still okay since I was looking forward to become the Boss of cake one day.

Having the name registered just gives me an assurance that I have a brand that I need to maintain with a good standard.

I may be young now but I am sure that in no time Boss cake would be a household name as there are plans to do a lot with the business.

My dream

I believe that one day I would be able to be a role model to young children who would like to bake because it’s really not difficult to bake apart from knowing the right measurement of the ingredients.

The ingredients needed for baking are flour, regular sugar, eggs, white butter, brownsugar, strawberryextract, vanilla, chocolate etc.or any other flavor though velvet and strawberry cake are my best flavour. The materials you need are whisk, sieve, pan, scale, microwave or oven.

My advice

My advice is that in life you can be anything you choose to be if you are determined.

One thing you need to know is that you have a gift or a potential to do something extra ordinary and all you need to do is to discover that gift and work on it.

I may not have discovered all my gifts but I know I have more than one gift and trying to find ways to make sure I bring out the best of those gifts.

I’m also not perfect in all that I do but still learning the business part of my baking skills.

Despite the fact that my parents have invested much in buying baking materials, I still enjoy baking for free but definitely would be selling my cupcakes at the next Kent fair.

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