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9 Oct 2018
Is poverty real, or a thing of the mind? Over the years, there has been marked progress on reducing poverty. The world achieved the first Millennium Development Goal target—to cut the 1990 poverty rate in half by 2015—five years ahead of schedule, in 2010. However, progress made in reducing poverty with respect to the number…
6 Jul 2018
In line with its commitment to support reputable educational establishments with strong business and finance faculties, FBNQuest Merchant Bank, the merchant banking and asset management subsidiary of FBN Holdings Plc has delivered a ‘Bloomberg Room’ at the Lagos Business School – Pan Atlantic University (LBS). The Bloomberg Room is a financial resource centre where students…
2 Jul 2018
Heavy transaction in the shares of some banks, especially Union Bank of Nigeria Plc and Sterling Bank, last week, lifted the volume of shares traded, as a turnover of 2.004 billion...
1 Jun 2018
I think that the major issue to confront is the reality of the demographic that we have, and the largeness of the youth and exactly how we are going to deal with it. I think from being here, I know the theme is about industrialisation but what has come out very clearly is the radical educational system that we need that we need to institutionalise...
1 Jun 2018
It seems obvious that climate change has – and will – cause human conflict and the mass movement of people. Look at the effects of the droughts in Syria, Darfur and Ethiopia. The former UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon even described the ongoing war in Darfur as one of the “first climate wars”.
1 Jun 2018
Faced with longer droughts and growing water demand, the Zambian government has introduced fees on groundwater use.Under a new executive order that came into effect in March, owners of domestic boreholes are for the first time required to pay a one-off fee of 250 kwacha ($25) to have their well licensed.
1 Jun 2018
The United Republic of Tanzania has just turned 54. Union Day commemorates the union of the Tanganyika mainland and the islands of Zanzibar, following a bloody revolution on the islands in 1964.But the mood is not one of celebration, unity or tolerance of difference. Instead, the government’s creeping authoritarianism is meeting growing dissatisfaction.
25 May 2018
This year’s theme of the annual meetings of the African development bank focuses on accelerating Africa’s industrialisation.
25 May 2018
As a young boy chasing chickens on his parents’ farm in northern Uganda, Louis Lakor dreamed of becoming a teacher. But when he finally set foot in a local primary school, aged seven, it was as an armed killer.
25 May 2018
Talk of artificial intelligence (AI) and the advent of the fourth industrial revolution, has created fear in developed countries that many jobs...
25 May 2018
East African economies have grown so rapidly in recent years that large brand-owners are not only making substantial investments in their brands
11 May 2018
Let me just start with introducing what they doing business index does and measures. You just mentioned that it has been the 15th anniversary last year’s edition that came out in October but this is an annual publication of the World Bank group that measures ease of doing business and benchmarks....


5 mins ago
Infection rates of HIV are not slowing fast enough to reach the goal of eradicating AIDS by 2030, a report by the United Nations group to fight the disease said Monday.
8 mins ago
Nigeria recorded one COVID-19 death on Sunday.
13 mins ago
Neymar is expected to be sidelined for between six and eight weeks after sustaining ligament damage to his left ankle, Paris Saint-Germain said on Monday.
20 mins ago
Trial of Chidinma Ojukwu charged with murder of the Super TV Chief Executive Officer, Usifo Ataga, was on Monday stalled due to the prosecution witness’s lack of composure.
26 mins ago
South Africa on Monday said it was "regrettable... (and) sad" that fellow African nations had joined a rush by wealthy countries to impose travel bans over the new Covid variant.