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23 Dec 2016
When you look closely at truly outstanding customer service leaders, you will find that there are two common and powerful practices they all share. 
23 Dec 2016
Jiangsu Yulong Steel Pipe Co. Ltd. is the largest steel pipe manufacturers in China with over 35 years experience, the company employs around 3000 people and has an annual production capacity exceeding 2,500,000...
23 Dec 2016
Of all the resources available to mankind, time is the only resource that is given to all equally. We all have been allotted the same number of hours in a day –24 hours; everything else rests entirely on how we choose to use it.
16 Dec 2016
I am very much a product of the political establishment and currently putting necessarily measures in place to actualise my Senatorial ambition of representing Anambra Central senatorial zone.
9 Dec 2016
Business is a team sport and only the teams with the best players can win. To build a winning team requires a leader that not only wins but also knows how to lead a pack of winners and make winners out of losers.
9 Dec 2016
It is said that followers rise to the expectations of their leaders. Have great expectations of them; never look down on any of them.
9 Dec 2016
Entrepreneurship is a way of life; just live it. Have the spark that drives the development of new products or services, or ways to do business.
9 Dec 2016
Children get the proper formal education from their various schools because parents see to it that they attend the best schools they can afford. So, what kind of education would you provide for them at home ...
9 Dec 2016
The 20th of the CED Forum Award of Excellence which took place last weekend at the Sheraton hotels, Ikeja is a reflection of celebrating corporate excellence and success.
2 Dec 2016
The job of a CEO begins with a leadership role. The essence of your leadership role as a CEO is to make the organization effective - capable of doing the RIGHT things.
2 Dec 2016
It’S difficult to come up with universal strategies for dealing with difficult bosses because, well, they come in so many bizarre types.
2 Dec 2016
Time has come when we do not just develop things but develop people. Time has come when we do not just fill our minds with doing things right techniques but doing the right things with right principles.


9 mins ago
Romania and Poland hope Sweden and Finland will be able to join NATO despite Turkey's reluctance, the country's foreign ministers said Friday during a visit to Ankara.
22 mins ago
The African Guarantee Fund for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (AGF) has launched a training and mentorship programme for 80 youth-led start-ups and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) in Nigeria.
31 mins ago
Soldiers patrolling eastern Democratic Republic of Congo have discovered 17 decomposing bodies by a riverside, some of which were decapitated, local sources said on Friday.
41 mins ago
Oyinlomo Quadri, one of Nigeria’s top female tennis players, says she has lost both the passion and motivation to play in tennis tournaments organised in the country.
42 mins ago
Liverpool's preparations for the Champions League final were boosted by the news that midfielders Thiago Alcantara and Fabinho will be fit to face Real Madrid after injury scares. final were boosted by the news that midfielders Thiago Alcantara and Fabinho will be fit to face Real Madrid after injury scares.