Thursday, 1st December 2022
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31 Jan 2021
The Grand Slams are the best tennis tournaments by far. Can one of them be described as the best? We took a closer look here. The four Grand Slam Tournaments of tennis are the best of the best.
18 Oct 2020
Zack Harrison is a software consultant, PPC advertiser, and strategic business development consultant.
25 Jan 2020
Ultimate Love, the new reality show from MultiChoice Nigeria, is set to hit TV screens on Sunday, February 9, 2020.
4 Jan 2020
Continued from last Saturday Salome couldn’t control her emotions again as she started crying ceaselessly due to the unjust treatment being meted on her. She staggered to a corner in the bank’s premises and resolved in her mind to kill herself by committing suicide in the most tragic way. She went down memory lane, thinking…
14 Dec 2019
In the last five years, Supo had changed jobs like the Chameleon would change its colours and it wasn’t a sweet story at all.
26 Oct 2019
Everybody at the office knew that Shalewa was dating Mr. Asuquo Benson. Asuquo was a Manager in the company while Shalewa was a Computer Assistant. Shalewa was a very beautiful and charming lady in her early 20s. She had all the seductive and alluring qualities a lady should have in abundance. Everything was in the…
5 Oct 2019
“love,” they say, “is blind.” Even in poverty love knows no limits or bounds. Joko was the only love of his life, so while reeking of penury and lack Matthew still remembered his estranged wife on a daily basis in that distant town situated in Ondo State.
14 Sep 2019
“Don't cry again, Kenny,” Tee said while mopping the tears off her lover’s face, “a single drop of your tear is an ocean of sadness in my heart. Come closer, feel the pain in my heart.
3 Aug 2019
A friend asked me a profound question recently: “Life is so complicated, I tried so hard to make my family happy by giving them my time, but they are not truly satisfied. So, I went to look for jobs.
3 Aug 2019
Eweoro had been the king of Ifura town for a very long time. He was a king who loved rituals, magic, and sacrifices a lot. His palace was decorated with the most up-to-date traditional medicine, which he used in inflicting harm on his enemies and even friends alike.
13 Jul 2019
What would make a mother use her own son for a money-making ritual? That was the story of young and handsome Ifeoluwa Gbadegoye, whose mother was so desperate to get rich by all means and wanted to join the moneybags and belong to the millionaires’ club either by hook or crook. That early morning, Mrs.…
22 Jun 2019
Can you beat this? A young man, named Andrew Bankole, was still a virgin even at 35. It wasn’t that he had no phallus; Andrew had everything a normal male should have, but he felt he must not taint his puritanical background with ‘dirty’ love. He was a brainy and witty young man, about 5ft…
1 Jun 2019
Human beings love lies and deception like ants love sugar. It is natural for some people to lie and deceive fellow humans. Dehudeni was the king of lies and deception by pretending to be a blind beggar for many years. He had been fooling the people that he was blind for almost 15 years now…


51 mins ago
Grammy award-winning singer, Damini Ogbu known as Burna Boy has emerged as Spotify’s 2022 most streamed artiste in 2022.
55 mins ago
Nigeria recorded a slight decrease in malaria prevalence, from 23 per cent in 2018 to 22 per cent in 2021, Minister of Health, Dr Osagie Ehanire has said.
1 hour ago
The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) says 61 persons lost their lives in 33 road traffic crashes in Borno between May and November 2022.
1 hour ago
Operatives of Anambra State Police Command, yesterday arrested a suspected kidnap kingpin, Matthew Nwankwo, who has been on the run for over seven years. The Guardian gathered that Nwankwo has been on the run since July 2015 after the demolition of his house in Nteje village, Oyi Local Council of the state. An eyewitness said…
1 hour ago
The National Population Commission (NPC) has drummed support for women's empowerment and gender equality as provided by the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).