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In the News:
Akwa Ibom state government, at the weekend (Saturday), announced the discharge of two of the 29 persons undergoing treatment for the dreaded COVID-19 from its medical facilities. This was disclosed by the State Incident Manager and Commissioner for Health, Dr. Dominic Ukpong. According to him, those discharged have been certified negative by the Nigeria Center…
1 hour ago  Nigeria
There are indications that oil companies operating in the country may be evading gas flare penalty, and this development has led the country to losing as much as N258b yearly, which would have accrued after a review of fiscal penalty, fine of $3.50 per 1, 000 standard cubic feet (scf) of gas flared.
8 hours ago  Nigeria
When I heard news about the creation of the Post-COVID-19 Committee for the Creative Industry by the Federal Government of Nigeria, I became curious about two things, namely: Writers’ representation and gender representation.
8 hours ago  Guardian Arts
In recent times, several natural cures have shown promise in the prevention, treatment and management of not just the novel Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), but other arguably, more deadly viral infections like Ebola and smallpox.
8 hours ago  Sunday Magazine
As Coronvirus disease (COVID-19) cases continue to soar, there seems to be hope for herbal remedies as the Federal Government, through the Presidential Task Force (PTF) has approved three herbal drugs for clinical trials, in the hope that soon, a homegrown drug would emerge.
8 hours ago  Nigeria