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Articles by Maje Ayida

18 Oct 2018
Let me give you something to think about, and this is very important... if we took away modern society and plopped you on a deserted island, what is the #1 most important thing in your life at that point? That’s right - FOOD! What will I eat to survive and thrive? At that point, you can forget about careers....
27 Sep 2018
Are your workouts getting boring? Tired of running up and down Lekki Bridge without any real progress? Perhaps it’s time to change things up a little with some Interval Training. Interval Training has been around for many years now. No matter what your goals are, whether to lose fat, improve your heart and lung capacity,…
13 Sep 2018
In a country blessed with warm weather, there is no excuse for not getting in a pool (we’ll excuse all you weave-on carriers). With countless benefits...
30 Aug 2018
People continue to create barriers for themselves when it comes to starting the journey to good health, and this usually starts with joining a gym. There’s too much traffic; membership is too expensive; I don’t like the gym; the list goes on.
9 Aug 2018
I’m sure this isn’t going to be a very popular article as a lot of you may not want to read this truth. But in a country where alcoholism pretty much goes unchecked, someone has to say it. We drink way too much! I know some people that can get home from work and drink…
26 Jul 2018
One of my favourite workout quotes is ‘friends don’t let friends skip leg day’. Too many men I know focus on upper body workouts alone, I guess they figure you only have to look good in a t-shirt. They are wrong. Have you ever felt drained, dizzy or even nauseous after an intense weight training…
12 Jul 2018
I had knee problems for a while and, while it didn’t slow down my workouts, I would be in a great deal of pain after. Then I discovered pre-workout squats and everything changed. What worked for me may not necessarily work for everyone though. It’s easy to come up with excuses when you don’t want…
28 Jun 2018
One problem that a lot of mothers have after having a baby is struggling to lose the weight they put on during pregnancy. While a lucky few are genetically blessed (you know the ones, they look like they never even had a baby), for most, it’s a battle that is lost the moment they get pregnant.
7 Jun 2018
Wellness is more that just diet and exercise, it’s also about your state of mind. It’s about how you engage your environment; how you deal with situations, especially negative ones. Positivity is a massive part of the wellness journey and is essential to your well-being.
24 May 2018
A recent conversation got me thinking about people that completely lose out on their workouts because they are fasting to observe Ramadan. Some go as far as hoping to lose weight purely from the lack of food during that period.
10 May 2018
There are many diets, different weight loss fads, new tricks, pills and much more, for losing weight. All promise to be revolutionary and create a new you. Some work and some don’t. But who are we to judge? Years ago trans fat, a dangerous, man-made lipid found in margarine, was thought to be healthier than…
19 Apr 2018
Exercising in a group setting is an awesome way to boost energy, collaboration, and even invite a little friendly competition to push you even harder. But these classes also come with a code of etiquette that for some reason, sometimes, people seem to forget. Here, a few gentle reminders of what NOT to do in…