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Articles by Yemisi Adegoke

30 Aug 2017
Most people have heard of the widely misattributed saying: “You get the government you deserve.”
9 Aug 2017
In certain schools of political thought, from time to time, the elite classes drop crumbs of hope to pacify the masses. These crumbs are dropped to propagate the belief that a shift is underway that will eventually lead to real political change. The passing of the Not Too Young to Run Bill, is one of…
26 Jul 2017
Having lived in the Netherlands for 12 years, Ambrose said that she would bring the knowledge she acquired overseas to make the country a better place.
19 Jul 2017
Do you know that West Africa's biggest wood market is in Lagos, Nigeria? In a 7-part video series and long-form article, The Guardian explores the Makoko - Oko Baba Wood Market.
12 Jul 2017
Last month, after the UK General Elections, Abike Dabiri, the Nigerian Special Assistant for Diaspora Affairs, sent a letter of congratulations to seven newly-elected British Members of Parliament of Nigerian descent.
28 Jun 2017
They didn’t use whatever money they acquired to buy food or pay medical bills. It was spent on clothes, private jets, all to promote a lifestyle they couldn’t afford but felt they were entitled to.
14 Jun 2017
It’s been nearly a year since 51.9% of Britons voted to leave the EU, ending a 43-year partnership. Since then the pound has been unsteady, hate crime has increased and despite Theresa May repeatedly reeling out the slogan ‘Brexit means Brexit,...
24 May 2017
Since moving here I have been asked many times to describe Lagos. Questions like: is it dangerous? Fun? Exciting? Chaotic? Is the traffic as bad as they say?
10 May 2017
I’ve never really thought much about the way I talk. Probably because I’ve always been more concerned with what I’m saying as opposed to how I’m saying it.
12 Apr 2017
The videographer moves a little closer, zooms in, there’s flash of silver, it looks like a metal trash can. It’s being raised high into the air then and smashed down on something, repeatedly.
29 Mar 2017
The World Happiness Report (WHR) is out and it turns out Nigerians still seem quite happy.
19 Mar 2017
Success has many parents, failure is an orphan.” Growing up, this was an adage I heard a lot and it’s one that has resonated with me. Everyone wants to be associated with success.