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Articles by Yemisi Adegoke

1 Mar 2017
Another day, another pseudo, moral panic over who or what is corrupting the moral fabric of the nation. Instead of the usual culprits like social media, tattoos and piercings, it’s the turn of Big Brother Nigeria, now in its 5th week.
2 Feb 2017
When 2Face first announced plans for nationwide protests calling for good governance, almost immediately it started trending. On social media, Nigerians are split; the pro-2Face camp are lauding his...
17 Jan 2017
Ahead of the 47th World Economic Forum (WEF) holding in Davos, Switzerland, the Abuja Global Shapers is today convoking an assembly at the Transcorp Hilton Hotel, Abuja to discuss the theme in a bid to provide
13 Jan 2017
On January 20, 2017, the 45th President of the United States of America will be sworn in. For the first time in history, the president will take office with no prior political or military experience.
15 Dec 2016
The ongoing crisis in Northeast Nigeria has been described by the UN as “the largest crisis on the African continent.” According to Oxfam, there are currently 1.2 million ...
7 Dec 2016
Unless you’ve been living under a rock or impressively stealth at avoiding all types of social media this lately, you’ll know that Toke Makinwa released her memoir “On Becoming.”
18 Nov 2016
Like millions of others around the world, I was glued to the TV last Tuesday night, anxiously waiting for the US to elect their first female president.
14 Oct 2016
Another way, perhaps the most powerful way, is the method Fela Kuti himself utilised music. “Music is one of the fastest and most effective ways of changing the minds of the people,” said Professor Oluwole.
9 Oct 2016
Next week is Felabration, by far one of my favourite weeks in the calendar, where the music and life of Fela Kuti will be celebrated through different events across Lagos.
1 Oct 2016
When I was younger Nigerian Independence Day was kind of a big deal. My friends and I would paint our faces, don our flags and head down to Stratford Rex (or wherever the big Independence Day party was) and dance the night away in celebration. What exactly we were celebrating was somewhat abstract. None of…
28 Aug 2016
There are lots of misconceptions about returnees the group of people some of you like to call I Just Got Back, but one of the most common assumption is that we're all the same.
26 Aug 2016
Last month Hillary Clinton ‘put the biggest crack in that  glass ceiling yet’ and made history by becoming the first female Presidential nominee of a major party in the US.