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2020 Accelium Olympics will change Nigeria’s educational scene, say experts

By Ujunwa Atueyi
05 March 2020   |   3:18 am
With the introduction of Accelium Edu Olympics last weekend, experts in human development have assured that Nigeria’s educational space is about to experience a phenomenal shift in students’

With the introduction of Accelium Edu Olympics last weekend, experts in human development have assured that Nigeria’s educational space is about to experience a phenomenal shift in students’ learning and development through 21st-century skills.

The programme facilitator and chief executive officer, Simply Un4gettable, Adeidunu Uba, who spoke at the launch of the programme, informed that enrolling pupils into the competition is a great step towards developing their thinking skills preparing them for the future of work.

She said accelium game helps learners develop higher-order cognitive, social and emotional skills using strategy games, as its unique learning process blends into class instruction, personal coaching, and state of the art digital learning.

According to her, Accelium Olympics is an online worldwide smart game competition between schools, a strictly educational tournament that brings together children from all over the world.

The tournament, she said is between schools and commences on April 27, 2020.

“Students will individually solve challenges and earn points for each challenge they solve. The points will be added to the total school points and ratings. Our objective is to introduce at least 1000 Nigerian students to ‘Strategic Thinking Skills’ in 2020 via the Accelium International Olympics.”

Giving the historical background of mycelium, Uba said, “Chess masters use the game as a mentoring tool that helps their students develop both cognitively and emotionally, taking away useful strategies that can be applied in various problems and domains.

“In 1994, a team of game experts decided to extend the chess-mentoring experience to a variety of strategy games, creating a powerful learning tool that is universally accessible. The innovative methodology born out of this venture is now taught in 12 languages and over 30 countries around the world. More than 5,000,000 learners and 10,000 teachers have embraced the Accelium Method to date.”

On her part, Director, The Intentional Teachers Network, Adeiye Oluwaseun-Sobo, said the innovative game-based training and assessment tools were inspired by the method combine personal coaching, team workshops, and mobile learning to develop strategic thinking and resilience.

“This is a unique game. It intensively promotes the learning process in a comprehensive manner covering the cognitive, emotional and social aspects of the students. Using strategy games to captivate students’ imagination, evaluate their skills and develop strategic thinking, self-awareness, focus, and persistence.

“The immersive, hands-on experience fills students’ toolbox with practical strategies, preparing them for the complex challenges of the global age. Very importantly, Accelium Edu system creates a safe environment where teachers and students interact freely, creates and exciting and stirring environment promotes engagement and stimulates discussions on skills development.”

On how the Olympic will work, Oluwaseun-Sobo said the first stage is an open tournament, which has four tournaments that will be held simultaneously for pupils in primary one to junior secondary school.

For stage two, “All-Stars Finales,” she said “10 schools of every age group, that received the highest ratings in the first stage of the tournament will be entitled to participate in the all-stars finals (40 schools in total). These schools will compete for the title, ‘Accelium World Champion.”

She further noted that teachers are not left out, as teachers who accompany the students and also play an important role in the preparation and engagement of the school and the students, will be invited to an online webinar, free access to the Accelium Campus and enrichment materials.

She also added that no special skills are required for the teachers. “They just need to be comfortable around technology and willing to learn new methods of teaching.”