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Ahmadiyya tasks Muslims on ‘right of neighbours’


Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad

The World Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, the Fifth Khalifa, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad has called on Muslims to fulfill the rights of their neighbours, including those with whom they have personal relations and otherwise.

According to him, “Fulfilling the rights of neighbours means that Muslims must treat their neighbours with grace and compassion and be ever ready to help them in their times of need and times of grief. It means to respect them and to hold them in the highest regard,”

Ahmad made this call at a special reception held to mark the opening of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community’s new headquarters in Islamabad, Tilford, United Kingdom.

He commended the neighbours of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community’s new headquarters in Islamabad.


“I wish to offer my heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to our neighbours and to all the local residents in this area, as well as to the local Council members who have shown immense generosity and proved that they are tolerant and open-minded by enabling us to redevelop this complex.”

Speaking about the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community’s historical ties to the site. He explained that the 25-acre site (now 33-acres) was purchased in 1985. The site had previously been used as a boarding school, which had closed and remained unused until the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community purchased and renamed the property as Islamabad.

He emphasised the importance of treating one’s neighbours in the most excellent fashion, as instructed by the Almighty Allah in the Holy Quran.

“According to Islam, the definition of a neighbour is extremely far-reaching. The Founder of Islam, the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) stated that a person’s neighbours are not just those who live in the immediate vicinity but include at least the nearest 40 houses. In light of this, we consider all of the people living in this area and even those who may travel on the roads near this site as our neighbours.”

He urged members of the group to treat all local residents and neighbours of Islamabad with the utmost courtesy and respect at all times.

“It is incumbent upon all Ahmadi Muslims, whether they live here at Islamabad, whether they live locally or even if they just travel here to attend the prayers, to follow the laws, to be considerate at all times and to fulfill the rights of our wide circle of neighbours and to try to ensure that no distress or disturbance is ever caused to them.”

“I personally pledge that I will uphold and honour your rights and strive to care for all of you and I will continually urge the members of our community to do the same,” he said.

He explained that Muslims are instructed to fulfill the rights of God in the form of worship, but also to practically and pragmatically fulfill the rights of their fellow human beings as well.

“Allah the Almighty has commanded Muslims that it is not enough for them to merely worship in the Mosque but they must serve their local communities and constantly strive to help those who are in need. In fact, Allah the Almighty states that the prayers of those who fail in their duties to mankind are worthless and will never be accepted by Him.”

He outlined the humanitarian projects carried out, particularly in remote and impoverished parts of the world by the group

“We seek to feed the hungry and to aid those mired in poverty. We seek to provide inexpensive, and wherever possible free medical treatment to people who would otherwise have little or no access to healthcare. Thus, we have built many hospitals and established medical camps and clinics in Africa and other disadvantaged parts of the world.”

Guest speaker, former Attorney General, Dominic Grieve MP thanked Ahmad for the work of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community and for its efforts towards social harmony:

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