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Ansar-ud-Deen disburses Zakat proceed, give succor to the poor

By Shakirah Adunola
07 September 2018   |   4:19 am
Determined to overcome poverty and other social evils from the society and ensuring economic balance in the society.


Determined to overcome poverty and other social evils from the society and ensuring economic balance in the society.

Ansar-ud-Deen Society of Nigeria has distributed cash and equipment’s worth of N2.5 Million to indigent Muslims from the organization Zakat proceed.

During the yearly Zakat disbursement ceremony, The State Missioner of Ansar-ud-Deen Society of Nigeria, Imam Zakariyah Muhammed Thanni said Zakat is an essential tool, which can be use to safeguard economic balance. “ It is enjoined by Allah on wealthy Muslims in the society in order to take care of the less privilege in the society.

“Zakat will alleviate poverty that is wild spread in the society making the society an egalitarian society, a society that is pure. If we give succor to the needy we are creating harmony and tranquility for ourselves. Likewise if we neglect the poor they might end up committing crimes, which is common in our society of today. It is incumbent on every Muslim to encourage and spread the message of Zakat”, he said.

He urged wealthy Muslims to pay their Zakat, as it is a trust from Allah and will be account for it in this world and hereafter.

“We have to remind the rich that wealth is a trust from Allah, whatever Allah has given to you, will be accounted for in this world and the hereafter. One of the beauties of Zakat is that if you pay it, Allah will reward you abundantly. Whatever Allah has given to you, the less privilege has right over it, you have to give them their right” he said.

Thanni urged the present administration to invest in the youths because they are the building blocks of every developed nation. “Any nation that does not care about is youth is future is nameless. The youths should be taken care in all sphere of life, educationally, economically and politically, if we want our society to develop or recognize globally”, he said.

The Chairman of Ansar-ud-Deen Zakat Committee, Alhaji Muftau Oriola said the disbursement is targeted to raise the economic status of the needy.

He noted that 23 persons would be empowered with the Zakat proceed of N2.5 Million.
“ Beneficiaries will go home with cash and equipment’s like sewing equipment’s, freezers, school fees, cash to offset loan, cash to pay house rent, clinical materials worth 250, 000.

Oriola urged Muslims to pay their zakat thou the current economic situation of the country it is quiet challenging but Allah will surely enrich the giver.

“ It is quiet tasking to ask people to pay their Zakat with the current economic downturn but with the help of Allah some donors responded positively and we are able to gather the money that we are disbursing today.

“Also, We are making move to reach out to more wealthy Muslims so that next year proceed would help more indigent Muslims”, he said.

He added that, most people that benefited from the Zakat disbursement were not member of the group but from the general public.

A beneficiary, Mrs. Wosilat Ojo commended the organization and prays for the growth of the group. “ I was amaze when informed that Ansar-ud-Deen society would buy a weeping machine for me to boost my job”, she said.