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Anwar harps on marriage institution in Islam


A Muslim woman prays in a mosque, marking the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, in Lagos July 28, 2014. REUTERS/Akintunde Akinleye (NIGERIA – Tags: RELIGION SOCIETY)

The National President of Anwar-Ul Islam Movement of Nigeria, Alhaji Barr. Mubashir Ojelade has urged Muslims to seek for Islamic concept of marriage in order to develop a healthy union. Saying, that there are so many elementary issues in marriage that we assumed that we know but on finding out from clerics we are ignorant.

Ojelade gave the advice during the group 2019 yearly Ramadam lecture in Lagos.

The guest speaker, the Chief Imam of Anwar-Ul-Islam, Bariga Mission, Alhaji Sakirudeen Bakare who spoke on ‘Institution of marriage in Islam-Rights of spouses’ said the institution of marriage in Islam has been given a tremendous importance to the extent that prophet Muhammad (SAW) said the best people of my Ummah are those who get married and have chose their wives and the worst people of my nation are those who kept away from marriage and are passing their lives as bachelors”

Adding that a successful and purpose full marriage is the indispensable foundation to a happy family life while a purposeless and weak foundation will not bear any good fruit in marriage if it was embark merely to fulfill desire without necessary ideals.


“In Islam there is guarantee that if you fulfill the conditions and guidelines of obeying God and his messenger (SAW) in your marriage, you will achieve marital happiness”.

He mentioned that a woman is married for four reasons, her beauty, wealth, family background and religion but faith is the most important criteria in the choice of a spouse. “ Just as men are advised to make good choice, the parent or guidance of the girl should also consider the right choice for their daughter.

“Many people accord more importance to beauty, wealth and genealogy which is often disappointing. People lay much emphasis on material things neglecting state of his faith.”

While explaining responsibility of spouse, he noted that marriage repose responsibilities on the couple. Accepting the responsibility is the beginning of good homes and rejecting it would certainly mark the beginning of marital discord. “ Islam expects the wife to obey and look after the comforts and well being of her husband and children. Islam doesn’t favour a loose and disjointed family system, which is devoid of any authority, control, and discipline in which someone is not pointedly responsible for the proper conduct and behavior of its members.

“Discipline can only be maintained through a central authority and in the view of Islam, the position of father in the family makes him the fittest person to take over this responsibility. But that does not mean that the man has been made tyrant and an oppressor in the household and the woman a helpless chattel.

He reiterate the right and responsibilities of the husband and the wife saying wives and husband must behave properly with one another and observe fine etiquette, attractive to one another, seek pleasure and gratification with one another, care and provide for their children, keep their secrets and express love to one another.

Adding that the secrets for longevity in an Islamic marriage are tolerance, forgiveness, patient and prayer.
“ Keep it in mind that everyone make mistake, then it will be easier to forgive one another and commit your relationship to the hands of Allah with prayers everyday’

The Chairperson, Alhaja Kekere-Ekun, said parent has a lot of role to play in marriage institution in order to have a good society. “Most time parent believes that when their children got married they know what to expect. But somewhere along the way, marital disputes pop up. This is of course natural, but these can escalate to dangerous levels if not dealt with correctly.

We have to sit our children down and give them advise on what marriage institution entails.” She said.


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