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Can RoboApe (RBA) Outshine ApeCoin (APE) and become a Star Cryptocurrency?

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18 May 2022   |   11:05 am
Naturally, retiring early is Gen Z's passion. Who would not like to be financially independent and retire to the countryside to farm sheep?

Naturally, retiring early is Gen Z’s passion. Who would not like to be financially independent and retire to the countryside to farm sheep?

There is no secret; you must invest or put your money to work. As Warren Buffet so brilliantly said, you must develop methods to earn money while you sleep.

With the two cryptocurrencies discussed in this article, you may have a chance. The first is ApeCoin (APE), which was recently launched, and the second is RoboApe (RBA), which will be released shortly and has great potential for the next months and years!

ApeCoin (APE)

Apecoin (APE) seems to be a combination of The Sandbox (SAND) and Axie Infinity (AXS); thus, we believe the future is bright for APE holders.

APE has dethroned SAND and AXS in terms of market capitalization since its debut on key exchanges, and the primary explanation for this is investor enthusiasm toward APE’s future.

APE holders are members of the DAO, and collective decisions are made. Aside from the obvious, APE is backed by Yugalabs, the foundation behind the famous Bored Yacht Ape, and has notable DAO members such as Alex Ohanian (co-founder Reddit) and Amy Wu (Head of Gaming at FTX), and Yat Siu (Co-founder Animoca).

There is a lengthy list of changes in the APE ecosystem, including revealing their “Outside” Metaverse, creating a new marketplace for its NFTs, introducing new role-playing games, and much more.

However, everything is still in progress, and it needs to be seen how APE will benefit its holders in the next few years.

RoboApe (RBA)

RoboApe (RBA) is the newest meme token poised to revolutionise the cryptocurrency industry for several compelling reasons.

RoboApe will adhere to a deflationary paradigm. A modest fee will be levied for every transaction on the RoboApe network, with half of the fee being burnt and the other half refunded to wallet holders.

RoboApe Token is a contemporary meme token that, due to its sustained community development and rewarding culture, will be capable of transcending economic boundaries and fostering expansion.

As a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO), RoboApe will reorganise the delivery of innovative thoughts, resources, and decision-making to the RoboApe community.

In addition, the protocol will include the RoboApe Academy, an entirely free resource hub where users can learn all they need to know about cryptocurrencies, as well as sponsor and support a wide variety of humanitarian activities and events aimed at improving the world.

RoboApe’s community will be able to mint NFTS in the form of RoboApe cards, which they may store or sell, to push meme currencies to the next level.

In addition, a significant portion of the RoboApe ecosystem will consist of individuals seeking unique experiences or services centred on meme culture that are not easily accessible via centralised alternatives or social media platforms.

During the token sale, the RBA token will be sold at $0.00009 per token, with the revenues going toward helping the RoboApe community.


If you missed out on ApeCoin (APE) this year, you won’t want to miss out on RoboApe (RBA) Protocol’s potential earnings.

With an extremely cheap entry price and the potential to reach the moon, the meme project is one of the most exciting investments you might make this year.

Find out more: 

Presale: https://ape.roboape.io/register

Website: http://roboape.io/

Telegram: https://t.me/ROBOAPE_OFFICIAL

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ROBOAPE_TOKEN

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/roboapetoken