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Cleric harps on virtue of Prophet Muhammad (SAW)


The Vice President Luth- Fulah International, Alhaji Abdul Ganiu Agbaje (left); Founder, Sheikh Mohammad Robiu Adebayo Abdul Malik A.K.A. Baba Loworo and Shikh Hammad Tijani Muh. Awal Oshodi during Luth- Fulah International 441 A.H Maulud Nabiyy tagged ‘Orofun 2019’ in Lagos.

The Founder of Luth-Fulah International, Sheikh Mohammad Robiu Adebayo Abdul Malik has called on Muslims to emulate the virtuous life of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) noting that if Muslims embrace these flawless traits, the world will be a better place for all to live.

The cleric added that commemorating the birth of the Holy Prophet (SAW) otherwise know as Maulud Nabiyy ultimately showed gratitude to God for sending His messenger as a mercy to mankind.

“By celebrating the day we are showing gratitude to selfless effort of the prophet (SAW),” he said.

Speaking at the 1441 A.H Maulud Nabiyy tagged ‘Orofun 2019’ members of the group poured limitless encomium on the personality of the noble prophet, pray for the entire Ummah and the country in general.

Abdul Malik implored Nigerians to support one another to create a better country.


“We must not depend on the government to do everything, development of every community, state or country is dependent upon the action and inaction of its leaders and followers,” he said.

He advised Nigerians to seek closeness to God in order to receive blessings from Allah (SWT).

“Either you are a Muslim or non Muslim you must be closer to God because closeness to Allah helps ones to know how to relate with others. Each member of a society must fulfill his own obligations and rely on others to fulfill theirs before the society can acquire the necessary reservoir”

He added that superiority is not based on leadership position, possessions, and beauty but by piety.

“Allah does not know you by your leadership position, who Allah knows is a true believer who worship him. Leadership should be by example, being a leader you must stand by the truth”.

While admonishing the faithful’s, Abdul Malik noted that some supplications received no answer due to keeping of malice, fighting, backbiting and ungodly utterances. “Allah does not answer the prayer of a believer who engage in a fight with another due to the fact that your close allies are fighting with the person. Keeping malice, backbiting and careless words are forbidden by Allah”

The President, Luth-Fulah International, Prof. Abdul Ganiu Oke said the programme is a yearly event and all branches of the group all over the world converge together at the group head quarter in Nigeria to celebrate the birth of Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

He said the event afford the group the opportunity to offer special prayers for individual and the country. “ At this point in time we need prayers in all ramification of our life for stability, prosperity and good governance.

He advised Muslim faithful’s to remain peaceful wherever they are because they are vicegerents of Almighty Allah on the earth.

He said the prophet live an exemplary life, and he portray himself more like a servant than a leader by taking lead in all his directives. “ There is no where in the scripture or Quran that the prophet give directives and people did not follow it. The Sahabas follows the Prophet directive because he is a good leader”

He urged Muslim political leaders to imbibe the exemplary leadership trait of the prophet by being just and truthful in ruling the country.


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