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Dealing with coronavirus according to your native knowledge


These are trying times, difficult times all over the world. All the aspects of human life have been brought to a standstill. Reminding us of all these aspects of human life will amount to repeating what everybody knows and so we will leave that to other aspects of journalism that are eminently well suited to handle them.

On my part, I intend to add my voice to such areas covered by diet, our immunity and the extent to which diet (nutrition) will go in dealing with this deadly coronavirus scourge. I am beginning to think that coronavirus has been hyped a bit more than its status. As a result of this, it has generated so much fear and anxiety that the present rate of infection and death may be due to this. As a medical doctor and a minister of the gospel, research findings and the Word of GOD lead me. I draw inspiration from my knowledge of the creation of a human being by the Creator Himself and the limitation that He put into other creatures like coronavirus. Even before those research findings, there have existed some ancient theories that are proving to be true today.


The great Greek physician, Hippocrates 11 who lived between 460 – 370BC and is considered the Father of Medicine said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” This quote has been central to the practice of tradition and herbal medicine in most ancient civilizations such as China and India. Even today, in other parts of the world where traditional and herbal medicine are growing in popularity, this same quote is still relevant. This saying of

Hippocrates covers both the curative and preventive aspects of our lives. The quote advocates for plants, which are sources of our vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, grains etc. to be our food because of the nutrients in them. Also, in times of sickness our medicine can be found in our food from the same plant sources. In fact, these nutrients, which are to be both, our food and our medicine were to be consumed regularly always. Some years ago, when I was writing about the Genesis 1,29 Diet, sourced from the Holy Bible in Genesis 1:29, I did say that when all the substrates, minerals, vitamins etc. were complete in the body in their optimal levels that it will be impossible for any disease to afflict man. For one the immune system will be functioning at the level required of it to prevent diseases and other parts of the system will also be contributing their quota maximally to ensure proper functioning of the body. The nutrients needed for such a state are complete in our diet sourced from plants and are sufficient to keep the human being going. Indeed as those nutrients were always in the human body, prevention of any disease will be guaranteed at all times and most importantly, for curative purposes, these medicinal herbs, vegetables, grains etc. were incorporated into the food for consumption. In such a way, the nutrients, active ingredients in these medicinal plants were not administered by doses and frequency in time.


I am an advocate of healthy living and I have written extensively about those things we can and should eat so as to stay healthy. Not only that, I have also written about the immune system and what we can eat and drink to boost it. If this inborn immune system is well fortified, there is no disease that can overwhelm it and cause disease in man including coronavirus. I have also suggested that we eat food that contains the right nutrients that can keep us healthy and our immune system functioning optimally always.

Moving forward, we have to eat the living foods that can boost our immunity and keep us healthy. Furthermore, researchers have even identified certain herbs that can specifically attack viruses and hinder their growth and development. I believe that this is the stage we have gotten to in this country at a time such as this. We need to find out the nutrients that hinder the growth of viruses and their herbal sources and incorporate them in our diet. Be sure that making them part of our food will eliminate the issue of doses since research may not have offered such options. Let us note that various kinds of diseases bacterial/viral infections, parasitic infections and many more deadly diseases may have afflicted mankind in ancient times even as their medicine remained their food and in their food was their medicine.

Beginning next week Thursday, I will be presenting about 15 herbs that have been proven by researchers to have antiviral properties.

*Paul Joseph Nanna is a medical doctor and a Pastor with the Redeemed Christian Church of GOD. (RCCG) Phone: 08033018181. Email: Blog:


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