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Despite the recession, you have all it takes to succeed


The economic, political and social systems of today’s world may be marked by imperfect operations. There may be so much agitation in the anticipation of quality financial system and apprehension about the economic situation in the system that drives the progress of humanity. There may be loss of social or professional distinction as a result of lowered economic growth, paralysis of social development and political advancement. Some of the onetime biggest and richest international corporations may have been reduced to a state of financial ruin, and the economics of several nations may still be making a harsh sound of economic slump, with piercing spasm of pain as a result of the global and National recession. But you live by different set of executive intelligence.

It matters how you set your mind to work! You do not accept an act or action of receding in your mind. Life is all about programming and you do not programme a mirage into the part of you that thinks, reasons, feels, and remembers.

Recession is a mirage – The critical economic situation and severe economic squeeze that has affected some nations may appear to be real but it is not actually there. The mindset of reduced economic activity is not what you hope for or want but, it is not real. It is an illusion of the highest phantasmagoria. Some people accept as true that there is reduction of economic activity that has forced many financial institutions to go bankrupt and individuals to fall flat financially. It is important to think the right thoughts in view of the fact that thoughts are things and powerful things at that. When mixed with definitiveness of purpose and burning desire, can be translated into wealth. Your human mind is very important in getting wealthy. Remember, whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe; it can achieve. The greater truth is everything you would ever need to become wealthy and powerful is within your reach. It is all in your mind! When you do the impossible, you realize you are special person.

Yes, you are a special person, you are not ordinary. You are not the poor trying to be wealthy. Lay down your fear of being broke and see that you have all it takes to be wealthy. You can be comfortably situated and do things of greater worth which are significant throughout the system that drives the progress of human race. Haul down the colours of insignificant resources and underprivileged mindset. Be full of activity and fly the colours of your good life. Poverty is not the mentality of the wealthy; have the audacity of prosperity. Be at work with the good life, and on the fly with the wealthy life. You are not a curiosity shop or question box that promotes recession, you have the time and energy to create wealth. You have wealth and riches resulting favourably according to plans and desires.

This is the right time to challenge yourself with all it takes and change things for good. What you think and do with your time matters a lot! Your hours are creative, your minutes are valuable, your seconds are life-changing. The way you handle your time determines your financial future and wealthy living. There are twelve months in one year, four weeks in one month, seven days in one week, twenty-four hours in one day, sixty minutes in one hour and sixty seconds in one minute. A careful study of the lifestyle of the wealthy people shows that they make hundreds of dollars in one second, thousands of dollars per minute, multiply their money making and wealth-creation by the number of minutes in an hour, per hour. They make millions of dollars per day, increase their worth to a number of new beginning every week, increase their weekly business income to a number of greater elegance every month and multiply their monthly assets the power of irrefutable and increase-able billions of dollars every year.

You have a mind and your time is yours! How are you setting your mind to work? What are you doing with your time? You can build an inexhaustible and exceeding wealth with your time. This is your time to put your executive intelligence to work. There are favourable occasions for you! Can`t you see that this is your time? Put your best foot forward and push your best self forward this time.

Time is like a flowing stream that moves forward only! It is in your best interest to create multiple streams of business income with your time so that you can start living an upward and forward life only. Yes, you can be wealthy if you do not bid your time. Be positively positioned and take your place this time. Treasure your time! Invest your time! Manage your time! Engage your time! You have all you will ever need to create your wealthy place and live a totally-fulfilled life.

Anyaele Sam Chiyson is an International Best-Selling Author, Inspirational/Financial Speaker, Business/Marriage Consultant.

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