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Experts decry low knowledge of lubricant among vehicle owners

By Benjamin Alade
18 September 2020   |   2:58 am
Engine oil is one product that many vehicle owners use often to sustain the life of their automobiles but some individuals lack the knowledge about the products’ composition.


Canvass regulations in Nigeria’s lubricants market

Engine oil is one product that many vehicle owners use often to sustain the life of their automobiles but some individuals lack the knowledge about the products’ composition.

This knowledge gap, especially about the appropriateness of engine oil for particular vehicles has given room for the existence of fake products in the Nigerian market.

These low formulated lubricants sometimes compete on price with genuine products. No wonder some vehicles smoke and pollute the air with environmental-unfriendly emissions from their engines.
Experts say increasing favourable regulations in Nigeria’s lubricants market, collaboration with transportation companies, increasing knowledge of consumers, and providing better quality lubricants at lower costs will aid the manufacturers of lubricants in Nigeria to grow and achieve higher profits.
Most times, vehicle owners rely on the experience of auto mechanics for suitable lubricants to enhance their vehicle performance.

Against this backdrop, stakeholders in the industry approved the use of genuine lubes for vehicle maintenance.

Experts, who gathered at a virtual forum organised by Hyde Energy to unveil its brand of automotive lubricant products with key stakeholders provided an opportunity for industry players to discuss global best practices and trends as well as explore the issues and opportunities within the oil and gas sector.
In attendance were trade partners, distributors, auto garages, haulage companies, and spare parts dealers.

Chief Executive, Hyde Energy, Oladimeji Edwards, said the indigenous firm has committed to meet the growing energy needs of Nigeria and sub-Saharan Africa. In line with our vision to enrich the customer experience, we commenced operations with a view to ensuring quality and excellence in the products and service delivery we provide to all stakeholders.”

Edwards said the lubricants cut across synthetic, multigrade, and mono-grade oils, industrial oils, and greases. The lubricants are formulated and blended to the highest standards to meet the need of consumers across sub-Saharan Africa for use in their industrial and transport machines, including petrol and light diesel engines, industrial and heavy-duty diesel engines, and special-purpose engines.

The Regional Sales Manager and Head of Lubricants, Hyde Energy, Victor Nwakaku, said the product and service offerings are designed based on the organisation’s deep understanding of the customers and operating environment.

He said: “We have a strong belief that using the right lubricant is a vital element in auto care, this is why we have devoted our time, expertise and innovation to creating a high-quality range of lubricants suitable for all kinds of petrol and diesel automobile engines.”

Nwakaku explained that the lubricants are carefully formulated to serve numerous benefits, including reducing friction and wear, enhancing protection for the machine, keeping temperatures low to reduce the risk of heat-related damage to the machine, improving engine life span, efficiency, and reliability culminating in significant cost reduction.

In guiding vehicle owners on engine oil usage, An auto technician, Emmanuel Adejare, while endorsing the oil for use, noted that some oils in the market dry up when poured inside the engines, while others form sludge which indicates that the additives are not good enough.
Adejare affirms that Hyde lubricant is produced with high international standards.

The new products push quality products and education of the vehicle owners, who should get involved in the selection of what lubricant matches their engine – and not leave this all-important decision to the discretion of mechanics or ‘engineers’ only, some of whom are not honest.

As the product penetrates the market, the approval by the auto engineers is indicative of the quality formulation and complements the approval by the American Petroleum Institute (API), and Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE).

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