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Experts harp on constant training to boost teaching skills

By Onoharhigho Omovudidi
05 December 2019   |   2:59 am
To salvage the deplorable education standard in Nigeria, experts have charged educators to continue self-development through training

To salvage the deplorable education standard in Nigeria, experts have charged educators to continue self-development through training and further studies in other to improve teaching skills as they represent the last line of defence for children’s education.

The experts, Oyinkansola Alabi, Nomthi Odukoya and Rotimi Eyitayo said teachers must be properly equipped for the task to achieve the best results.

They spoke at a one-day conference organised by Fundawazi Foundation, which held at the Fountain of Life Church in Ilupeju, Lagos.

Speaking on the theme, “Safe2Teach”, founder of Emotions City, Alabi said the future of the country rests on the students; while teachers make it inconvenient for students to learn properly.

Alabi explained that most teachers spend little or no time understanding students at an individual level thus unable to disseminate knowledge effectively.

“Every child is unique and has a special way of learning, a teacher must know the child as well as his/her interest otherwise the teacher would fail in his duty and also conclude that the child is dull,” she said.

She lamented that most teachers hardly create time for themselves and are usually overwhelmed with different situations such as finance, domestic challenges, amongst others, which affect classroom performance.

Alabi further lamented that grade segregation in schools affects children’s education because at a tender age, “the majority of the children have already been told that they are not good enough, this affects confidence.”
She also condemned parents for choosing career paths for their children without first finding out their interests.

She declared that teachers want to feel loved, appreciated, supported, inspired and proud rather than the opposite.

Odukoya, who is the founder of Fundawazi Foundation, stated that there will always be challenges but one should not be swallowed by it but keep finding solutions.

Nomthi also enjoined victims of sexual abuse to share their experiences with others to relieve them of the pains and would realise that they are not alone.

“This was one of the reasons I started this foundation. I found out that so many women suffer from sexual abuse and they carry this burden all their lives.

Creative director and project manager of the Team masters national spelling bee, Rotimi Eyitayo said schools must have professional and emotional counselors who can guide teachers and students through their feelings.

Eyitayo who spoke on emotional intelligence said a course on this should be added to the school curriculum for both teachers and students.  

“The emotions of teachers affect relations with students and that of students affect their level of interest in studying, so if not properly handled, it could be detrimental,” he said.

Also, a legal practitioner, Taiwo Akinlami said since children spend a significant part of their childhood in school, it, therefore, should be warm, caring and a nurturing place.

“If you want to teach children, they need to see you practice what you want them to learn,” Akinlami added.