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‘Fashola should drop ambition for public office’




FORMER Deputy National Chairman, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) South West zone, Chief Olabode George has called on the immediate past governor of Lagos State, Babatunde Raji Fashola to drop any ambition or consideration for public appointment under President Muhammadu Buhari “until he has cleared all the allegations of corruption and mismanagement of Lagos funds under his eight-year administration.”

While he called for an open judicial probe of Fashola’s eight years in office, George said President Buhari should use his case as an acid test of “sparing no one with any intimation of public malfeasance.”

Reacting to the various allegations of misappropriation of Lagos funds by Fashola, George said, “We are living in a very interesting time. There is an air of repugnancy everywhere, most specifically in Lagos where the immoral stench and the dark odium of Mr. Babatunde Fashola’s regime are daily being unearthed.

“What is most disgusting and annoying in this entire episode is the arrogant and the befuddled attempt of Mr. Fashola to justify misgovernance to set up a personal web site.

“Fashola shows no remorse, no semblance of regret, no guilty nudging of conscience. Instead, he still attempts to ride a high horse, puffing and stomping in feigned seraphic innocence. We are not fooled.”

He continued: “We knew all along that the Emperor had no clothes. Using N78 million taxpayers money to build a web site is reckless misappropriation. The phony over N25 billion naira used to build a mere kilometer long link bridge is outrageous venality. The spurious N1.5 billion naira allegedly spent on phantom pedestrian bridges is another con game. And there are so many of these screaming illegalities observable in the record of our poster boy of yesterday!

“In a just society, Mr. Fashola should be facing a comprehensive investigation rather than being considered for any appointment at all. President Buhari should use the Fashola case as an acid test of sparing no one with any intimation of public malfeasance.

“Rather than engaging in a smug chest beating of innocence Mr. Fashola should first remove himself from any consideration of public appointment and openly call for a judicial probe of his eight years in office. Nothing else will bring out the true picture.”

He lamented that Lagos is now the biggest debtor in the federation with over N1 trillion in debts. It may take at least 40 years before Fashola’s indebtedness can be defrayed! What insensitive malady!”

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  • Pally Iriase

    Coming from Bode George, one is not surprised. His ill-will toward PMB’s administration is so well known that Mr President will be well advised to do the opposite of his unsolicited advice. Many Nigerians know that APC’s victory was won largely on two factors. PMB’s acceptability by Nigerians and the stellar performance of Governor Fashiola in getting Lagos to work again.

    • Garden-City Boy

      Doesn’t anything tell you that the main reason the governorship election victory was rigged in favor of Ambode was for Fashola to get “coverage” from exposure of his sordid corrupt practice? Bini man says that person wey dey inside water de chop banana, everybody go come sabi wetin him do inside water when the banana pill float for on top the water. Fashola ate banana under water. The pill started floating and Ambode has not found his feet enough to avert the disaster. Nothing whatsoever to do with Bode George, my friend.

  • Truth is bitter

    I thought Bode George was going into exile if Buhari won. What is he still doing in Nigeria? Or is he speaking from abroad? Guardian newspaper please clarify.

  • amador kester

    I dont know about the corruption charges yet as to whether real or politically motivated but i saw fashola as a dynamic, action- minded go getter.The type that can exponentially abd experientially move any ministry or agency under him forward even within a few months to significantly impact society.However i do not want to preempt investigations on this corruption issue until the truth is out clearly

  • bigbang

    Fashola is one of the best Governors ever to hold public office in Nigeria. He delivered Lagos to Buhari. The only way Buhari will by pass Fashola is if Fashola refuses the appointment. If you have proof of corruption provide it to EFCC. Let EFCC investigate.

    • Chukwu Michael

      You are a mess. Fashola is a thief. He is of age, let him talk before you begin to cry more than the bereaved. All you Buhari errand boy thieves will suffer. If Fashola were to be a PDP member, God knows what he will be going through by now in the hands of APC EFCC. Buhari’s anti corruption doctrine is on probation and Fashola will be the reason for his confirmation or sack.

      • bigbang

        As a Lagosian, I admire Fashola. This is just the typical smear campaign by political enemies like Bode George. If you have proof of Fashola corruption send am to EFCC. The so called alleged payment of 78 million Naira for the website is not even corruption. Fashola has denied it, It is corruption if Fashola intentionally gave the contract to his friends to enrich them and to enrich himself.

        • Chukwu Michael

          Do you know what is called fraudulent conversion? Are you aware the so called website up grade was a personal interest of Fashola? Do you know what conflict of interest means ? Do know what is called white collar crime?How else do you want Fashola to enrich himself when the website up grade was his personal website? Whether the contract was awarded to his friends or enemies is imaterial. That is not the fact under contention. Of course, you can not expect Fashola to accept the allegation. He believed the present Governor will cover it. No criminal will accept any allegation. Pettitions have been written to EFCC but Fashola and Buhari have been covering and standing on the way. EFCC does not belong to Nigieria again. They belong to Buhari and APC. They investigate cases based on the disposition of Buhari to the person involved and the Party the accused or suspect belongs to. The moral thing for Fshola is to willingly submit to EFCC for investigation, but unfortunately, that will not surfice as EFCC has become an oppressive agent for APC against those outside that party and that is why those who are thieves in PDP are running to APC for protection. Are you not aware that Amechi of APC went to court to stop probe of his Administration? How can somebody who calls himself a Christian do that? Why not open your wardrobe and cup-board for investigators to look into? If there are real thieves in this country, it is APC . You may admire Fashola, that is your constitutional right of freedom of expression. Your admiration for him does not extend compulsively to others neither does it shield him from the Law when he infracted it. If he is smeard,he is a Lawyer, let him seek redress. It is not about news paper denial. A man who used his position to advantage himself against the State is a criminal, he is corrupt. That is white collar crime. That is executive robbery.

    • Laughter

      I’M Disappointed by your speech. Do you know how much LAGOS earns as revenue? If you do, then mere painting and putting street lightenings on Federal roads, do amount to performance, when a world bank loan of $200 for school refurbishment can’t be accounted for. Rubbish talk !

      • bigbang

        Before Fashola how much did Lagos earn?

        If you have proof of his corruption, send it to EFCC. Alleged payment of 78 million for the website is not even corruption. Fashola is my guy. He has done a lot for my state. As a Lagosian, I admire him.

  • Sule

    Fashola is a Senoir Advocate of Nigeria and so if he feels his name has been rubbished and these rumour was met to assassinate his character, he knows what to do. I am pretty sure and convince that if any of his disciple who are making a didactic contributions were wrongly accused they would rush to court and so Fashola should take Bode or the Activist to court.

  • Ebaah Odibo

    Please forward my address to former Governor Fashola. I want to be his Special Adviser on Rebutting Corruption Criticism from Bode George. I am target-specific. Bode is a convicted thief, corrupt public office holder, a negation of military doctrine of an officer and a gentleman. Having brought opprobrium on himself and his family, he ought to shut up when the subject matter is corruption. But I won’t accept Fashola’s appointment, if given. All Naija politicians are r…ogues. Minority are convicted, majority are roaming free to loot some more!


    From an ex-convict himself! Ewonbode Ewontewonde Ewonyinka George.

  • ilyasu ahmed

    Bode George is a sanctimonious hypocrite.he has no moral authourity to talk about corruption because he is the godfather of corruption in Nigeria.
    The history of corruption in Nigeria will be incomplete without his name.

    • Basketmouth

      Not only that. He is suffering from “mental neurosis of a jail house” a la Chief Eleyinmi of blessed memory.

  • 2mmmmmm1nnnnnn

    A SAN [participating] conducting a trial [ pleading his case] in the news media appears a descendance into an Alaye Arena to move a Motion On Notice?

  • Ojiyovwi

    All along, I have been, in common with a whole host of Nigerians in diaspora, encouraged by the desire of Fashola and Oshiomole in their respective patriotic efforts to better the lot of our people. From this distance, there have been no evidence that contradicted the general view that these sons of our nation and, no doubt there will be similar honourable sons and daughters of nation in the north of our country, but the issues of the BokoHaram has had an unfortunate effect on their record as we all appear to focus on the ills of bokoharam and madness pervading the northern states. I am hoping that with the capitulation of these psychopaths we can beging to learn of the benefitial servant leaders in the Northern states.

    With a field efficiently able leaders, Nigerians can expect brighter days to come for our hard-pressed people. My junior brother is currently here in the UK on a well earned rest from the insesant blackouts and the disturbing humming of private genrators. He insists that the roads remain as bad as they were when I was last home in Delta state. There has to be a relief from these difficulties and my understanding is that there are a lot of practical efforts in Lagos and Benin Cities to address these thanks largely to Fashiola and Oshomhole.

    We need infrastrucuture of transport, health and power above all. Help our people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bola Jude

    Brothers and Sisters, has anyone ever asked why our wise president Buhari choose Osibanjo as vice president at the dying minute rather than choosing Amechi or Fashola who were major contibutors of APC presidential campaign?, It is because President Buhari knows who they are.- two big thieves.

    Our President has delayed appointment of ministers because he is not a fool. I guess PMB knows that allegations like this against these thieves will come up. The public verdict at the end of all these corruption alarms against the likes of Fashola and Amechi will determine their faith in the inclusion in the ministers list. I guess they will definitely not pass the test and that will be a big relief and justification for our wise president not to include them in the list. Though PMB wouldn’t have loved to pay them back in bad coin having played major roles both financial and campaign coordination wise, but his hands will be seen as being tied by their corruption allegations..I just pity them.

    • Tayo Akin

      One day you will be measured by the unjust scale of unproven allegations, then you will see how tasteful it is to be condemned for doing nothing wrong. Nigerians should abandon jungle justice approach to life and embrace civilized approach to living, establish a good case, prove it, then let the law punish. If you give such relevance to what a personality like bode George has said, then your moral is questionable.

    • New Nigerian

      President Buhari gave Tinubu the right to recommend whoever he wants (including himself), Tinubu recommended Osinbajo because of the muslim-muslim vs muslim-christian noise. Google this and you’d see. Nigerians know this and are smarter and well-informed than you give credit for. You peddle nonsense my friend!

      • Niyi Akinlabu

        Leave the fool. When I heard ‘Brother and Sister’, I thought he wanted to sell “Opa Eyin”. I don’t know who are his brothers and sisters.

      • Prince T

        well done my friend

    • Prince T

      what a wise move by pmb not to appoint ministers after 3 months in office. pmb is strong enough to single handedly rule our nation nigeria. we should not blame pmb. it was gej’s fault that the 22 local goverments taken by gej has been lost again to bh. it was gej’s fault that our naira is on a free flow. after all people are being sacked and replaced with pmb townsmen and relatives. though no policies has been put in place but the old ones are being smashed, we need to applaud the strong and able pmb.

  • Pastor Chris Allu

    The litmus test for good governance in the civilized world is POTABLE WATER FOR RURAL DWELLERS.Fashola and Oshiomhole failed,

    • Niyi Akinlabu

      But who passed? Ode! Fake Prophet

  • Chiotu Nnamdi

    There is a plan to stop this man from been nominated a minister.The irony is that PDP has no hand again in any appiontment at federal level.

  • Kekedu

    Just another pig screaming.

  • Niyi Akinlabu

    Baba ode, e lo ku si ‘le!

  • New Nigerian

    ..all these comments from Mr. I-would-go-on-exile-if-Buhari-wins and some of the posts here makes for intersting “tales by moonlight” …funny haha haha

  • yinka ola

    Another paid tinubu piper. No ne of you can stop the ascent of this man to high office with your evil agenda. One by one, the Lord will disgrace you all including your asiwaju who will expire shortly.