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Firm introduces smartphone device to diagnose car faults


A United Kingdom based company, SuperOBD has introduced a technology device that allows car users detect fault using a smartphone.

The device, ‘Car Dr’, is a diagnosis scanning device that enables car owners and drivers to run diagnostics on their vehicles from their smart phones without having to rely on mechanics.

Car Dr interprets error codes in plain English giving car users the opportunity to understand the true health status of their cars.

The device distributor in Nigeria, Atlas Mobile, revealed that to use Car Dr, users need to download the free Car Dr app on their Smartphone and plug the device into the On Board Diagnostics (OBD) port which is usually located beneath the steering wheel column and sometimes behind a plastic door of the car and all of the information about the car is sent instantly to your phone.
Brand Manager, Atlas Mobile, Seun Emmanuel, said for so long majority of Nigerian drivers have left their ‘check engine light’ on, driving around in faulty cars putting themselves and other roads users at risk, which could cost a lot of money on the long run and even put lives in danger.


Emmanuel said a number of Nigerian drivers engage in costly practises from drunk driving to ignoring simple signals displayed by their cars.
According to him, the ‘check engine light’ is designed to notify drivers of  problems with their car some which could be serious engine problems that need urgent attention or an easy fix  like a loose fuel cap or a punctured tyre which could cost a lot more on the long run if ignored.

He said Car Dr allows users to fix their vehicle problems themselves if possible and if it is a more serious issue they can get in early to tell the mechanic exactly what to fix saving them thousands of Naira.

He revealed that some Nigerian drivers are now using Car Dr to beat the system, saving tons of money on their vehicle maintenance.
The brand manager explained that Car Dr which is currently sold in more than 15 countries across Europe, America and Africa, instantly clarify why the ‘check engine light’ is on and helps remove this warning light.

Car Dr is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, It supplies its own Wifi which allows it communicate with the engine of the car.

Car Dr allows users to health check their cars in one tap; explains how to remove the dashboard warning light including the MIL ‘check engine light’ and displays the car’s performance data.

Car Dr works with petrol vehicles manufactured after 2001 and 12v diesel vehicles manufactured after 2004. However, it does not support Vans, Trucks, Lorries and hybrid vehicles.

Every Car Dr device comes with a user manual which explains the easy setup process and all of the device’s functions. Furthermore, Car Dr has a dedicated support team available via telephone and email to offer extra support to their customers.

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