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Five-year old recalls past life

By Guardian Nigeria
16 December 2022   |   1:15 am
Despite overwhelming evidence of reincarnation in different cultures, controversies still trail the concept and the phenomenon. Reincarnation is re-embodiment of a soul that passed away some time past.

baby PHOTO: Pixabay

Despite overwhelming evidence of reincarnation in different cultures, controversies still trail the concept and the phenomenon. Reincarnation is re-embodiment of a soul that passed away some time past. How long the departed relation takes to return is immaterial. The concept is reflected in names in parts of Nigeria such as Babatunde meaning the father who passed away has returned to the family. Yetunde, Nnenna, Nnenne; Iyatunde, Iyabo, all meaning the mother or grandmother is back on earth in the family. In China and India, the culture is pervading.

That there is an English name for the concept means it is not only an African concept. The cycle of a man’s life is thus described as incarnation, birth and reincarnation. If we go by the revelation in higher knowledge available on earth today that each person is the name he bears, it can be seen that the concept is proven. As we are not given to be able to survey the past life of a relation or child, we may not be able to say with precision who among the past relations is back. It suffices to note that the name a child bears is not an accident. It is whispered close to christening by the soul itself in the womb to whoever is receptive to capture it. It could be the mother herself, the father, the priest or a relation. Reincarnation is to further the development and maturity of the spirit in the course of its sojourn even if a soul has no burden from previous earthlives to atone for or debit to settle. If there are weaknesses to drop, reincarnation provides the opportunity to work at them and drop them. It has been stated so often that life on earth is a school.

Our schools and colleges are patterned after the school of life. We move from the lowest to the highest that the school has to offer and move away upon passing the final examinations. Re-sit examinations are the same as reincarnation. The wiz-kid, that is, “child prodigies” phenomenon finds its explanation in reincarnation as it is a carry-over of consolidation of expression of talents and abilities from a previous earthlife or earthlives—what Henry Ford, the renowned industrialist, was reported to have described as “…fruit of lengthy experiences gained in many lives.” Such kids are old souls in young bodies. Henry Ford added: “But I must first explain that I believe that we are born again.

You and I, we are reborn many times, live many lives and store up a wealth of experiences…” (A Gate Opens by Herbert Vollmann: Incarnation and Rebirth). Christian and Reincarnation by Stephen Lampe deals extensively on the issue of reincarnation. Indeed, circumstances of births also find explanations in reincarnation. There is no one today that is living on earth for the first time. Every human being has had many lives behind him.

The account of the five-year old boy reads: “Little Luke Ruehlman, 5, spooked his parents at age 2 when he began incessantly insisting that he used to live a previous life as an African-American woman called Pam Robinson who jumped to her death to escape the flames inside Paxton Hotel in Chicago.

“His mother, Erika, said the five-year-old had started to scare her a little after he began speaking about a woman she had never heard of named Pam. After questioning her young son about the random woman to find out who she was, Luke revealed the starling truth about his alleged past life.

“Luke’s family, who live in Cincinnati, Ohio, said their son told them he travelled by train in Chicago despite them never taking him there, reports The Sun. Erika decided to research the bizarre claims and was shocked to find out that Pam was named one of 19 victims who died from the fire in 1993. Luke recalled eerie details about how he tried to escape the burning building and spoke about the moment he ‘met God.’ Erika says he also speaks about other moments that he ‘remembered’ from his past life. ‘He used to say, “When I was a girl, I had black hair” or he would say, ‘I used to have earrings like that when I was a girl,’ she said.

“Producers of paranormal investigations TV show ‘The Ghost Inside My Child’ have also delved into Luke’s case. During the show, the little boy was shown a page of pictures of different black women aged in their 30s and was asked to find the late Pam Robinson. Surprisingly, he was able to pick her out within the first go, according to the footage.

“Following the creepy development, Luke’s mum decided to reach out to Pam’s family. She said they described her personality and it revealed shocking similarities between Pam and Luke, such as their love for Steve Wonder and playing on the keyboard.”

Erika had told Fox 8 television: ‘‘He turned to me and said, “Well I was.” ‘(He said) “Well, I used to be, but I died and I went up to heaven. I saw God and then eventually, God pushed me back down and I was a baby and you named me Luke.”

There is no one today, no single person that is living on earth for the first time. Every human being, we learn in higher knowledge, has lived on earth before, some even up to 30 times or more, depending on their stages of spiritual development, their maturity and ennoblement as no particle of dirt, that is sin can be carried beyond material realms. Are we not told in the Scriptures, Matthew 5:26: Verily I say unto thee, Thou shalt by no means come out of thence, till thou has paid the utmost farthing”? In Revelation 19:8 we read: “And to her was granted that she should be arrayed in fine linen, clean and white: for the fine linen is the righteousness of saints.” The veil drawn over our faces that prevents a man from surveying his past is for our own good.

It is so that we do not concentrate on the past and neglect the present. How, for example, would a former president of a nation or an emperor feel if he were to come back and find himself a dish washer in an hotel in a rundown part of a city? Regret and bitter self-recrimination will not allow him do anything, drop his shortcomings that landed him in his present state and make progress. The veil is also so that we do not work to the answer in grappling with our tasks. Only a handful are granted the Grace and mostly in childhood days. Five-year-old Luke Ruehlman is one of them.