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Cleric urges Muslims to pray for Nigeria at Lailatul Qadr


Khalifat Jamiu Sulaiman (left), Founder of Lutfil-lahi International; Sheikh Robiu Adebayo Abdul Malik and Alhaji Musa Kunle Salisu during 2017 Lailatul qadr prayer in Lagos recently.

Reputable Islamic scholar and Founder of Luthfil-lahi International, Sheikh Robiu Abdul Malik has called on Muslims to use the night of blessing (Lailatul Qadr), which is better than a thousand months, to worship and pray for the nation to restore peace and prosperity to the country.

The cleric, who gave the advice during the organization 2017 lailatul Qadr prayer in Lagos, said Lailatul Qadr is a night of decree, night of power, a night that Allah revealed the first verse of the holy Quran to prophet Muhammad (SAW).

”It is one of the night of the last ten days of Ramadan, Muslims believe that on this night the blessing and mercy of Allah are abundant, sins are forgiven, supplications are accepted and the annual decree is revealed to angels who also descend to the earth,” he said.


The night is incomparable to other nights; worshiping throughout the entire life cannot equal the blessing due to the worships during this night. The reward of worships done in the one single night is more than the reward of 83yers and months of worship,” he said.

He said, Muslims follow the tradition of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) which is incumbent on every practicing Muslims.According to him, “Allah said the angels will descend from heaven on the night of Lailatul Qadr, either on the 27th night of Ramadan or maybe when Ramadan remain one or two but some traditions believed that it is on the 27th night,”

Sheikh Robiu urged all Muslims to use this night of majesty for spiritual rejuvenation and pray for the nation, saying: “This is a time for sober reflection, showing affection to the poor and the needy while seeking favour and blessing for the most high.

“The stage which we are now is very critical, the wealthy need to do more for the progress of the nation because the vulnerable cannot afford quality education for their children because the benefits of the nation’s economic growth had been captured by a few wealthy elite at the expense of ordinary Nigerians leading so many vulnerable children to all kind of society vices”.

He called on the wealthy to help the poor, describing the action as service to God and humanity. “Your wealth only has value when you use it to help the poor and the needy, more wealthy Nigerians should be able to assist people with their wealth. When you visit other countries their rich use to invest in their country but here in Nigeria the case is otherwise,” he said.

The prominent scholar added that leadership by example would have to be beyond promoting the economic and social well being of people, but a good leader should also promote their self worth.


He also urged religious leaders to perform prominent roles in their community.“Religious leaders should not care about which party the ruling government belongs, it is our duty as religious leader to deliver the word of Allah to people. It does not speak well of any religious leader because of money deviate or add to the words of Allah, because he will be punish by Allah. As a religious leader it is not expected of you to rein assaults on the ruling government.

He therefore commended the effort of the government to curb the national security threat in the country. “On the issue of the security nobody can predict, but for the government to arrest any criminal, they are really trying on issues of security threat, particularly in the case of kidnappers they are really trying,” he said.

The guest lecturer, Alhaji Al-Mukadam Muhammad Jamiu Sulaiman (RTA) urged Muslims to pray and worship Allah during the holy night of Ramadan because it’s better than socializing with the opposite sex.

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