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‘How prophetic characters can build a great nation’



The Nasrul-Lahi-l-Fatih Society (NASFAT) has called on Nigerians to emulate the characters of the noble Prophet Muhammad (SAW) in order to build a good nation. Speakers at the 1441 A.H Maulud Nabiyy organized by NASFAT in Lagos, poured limitless encomiums on the personality of the prophet nothing that his attributes are “enough to build a good nation’.

Lecturer at the event, Imam Tesleem Moshood, said the holy prophet was a special being who Allah endowed with perfection. Because he is Allah’s beloved personality and anyone who loved and followed him on earth would be loved and blessed by Allah.He said the prophet was full of good characters, which should be duly emulated by Muslims of this generation in order to live a fulfilled life and gain a rewardable hereafter.

According to him, the world is in disarray today because this generation has failed to emulate the good characters of the holy prophet. Noting that the prophets exhibits so much love to his neighbours, he called on Nigerians to all love their neighbors, embrace the family caucus and stretch a hand of help to the needy.


Perseverance, patience and contentment, he said are very important values of the prophet which Nigerians should also emulate. This, according to him would reduce corruption in the system and reduce evil deeds in society.

Chief Missioner, NASFAT, Alhaji Abdul Azeez Onike said there is nothing wrong in celebrating the personality of the prophet if the manner is strictly in line with the Islamic fundamentals.He said: “People were saying why must you set aside a day to celebrate the prophet’s birthday. If any gathering is for you to increase in knowledge, Islam encourages it. Actions are based on intention. The government has declared a holiday and we don’t want people to stay at home doing unrighteous things rather they should come here and listen to teachings of the prophet, learn some lessons and pray. We will never involved in any activity that runs contrary to the fundamentals or input negatively to the fundamentals of Islam,”

Onike said the prophet is an exemplary of how you live as a father, as an orphan, as a migrant, as a leader, as a commander, as an adviser among others.

“When we started NASFAT 25 years ago, people raised eyebrow that what have they introduced? But look at the success that we have recorder over the years. The first Islamic organisation to have a licensed university; the first Islamic society to have run a welfare system that has disbursed over N190 milion among others. If we had not created a forum like NASFAT, how would the Ummah have benefited from it. People will continue to shout ‘bidyah’. But in NASFAT, we have decided not to be distracted.

“This year alone we have set up a mantra, we called it HELD with focus on Health, Education, Lasfulu and Dahwah and we will employ all the means that are not contrary to Quaran and Sunna to pursue those four agenda,” he said.
National Women Leader, NASFAT, Alhaja Suwebatu Aduke Kupolati, enjoined Muslims to emulate the good characters that prophet Mohammed exhibits.

She urged leaders both in the public and private sector to be tolerant and promote coexistence.“Prophet was tolerant and accommodating, so if we have this traits in our leaders the country will be very good to live in,” she said.


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