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TMC charts path to socio-economic development


Chairman, TMC Committee on Social Mobility, the Economy & Politics, Dr. Luqman AbdurRaheem.

The Muslim Congress (TMC) has set agenda for the new administration of President Muhammad Buhari to practically address the socio-economic challenges facing Nigeria as a multi-ethnic and multi-religious entity.

The Amir (President) of TMC, Dr. Luqman AbdurRaheem in congratulatury message to the Buhari, listed an eight point recommendation aimed at solving the socio-economic challenges facing the country.

The suggested eight key areas are: agricultural intensification and expansion for export; adequate electricity supply and electrification; spiritual and intellectual dimensions to insecurity; technological innovation hubs support; need to revamp the National Orientation Agency; intensify war against cyber-crime and child trafficking; affordable healthcare and education and Zamfara State Banditry.


AbdurRaheem said, that more needs to be done in the areas of transport networks, storage and export of agricultural products. He stated: “The value addition created from the chain will significantly improve from good rail and water transportation, creation of food storage facilities, thereby leading to increasing potentials for more exports, after local demands have been met. Specialized banks, such as Agricultural export banks to complement the efforts of the BOI and XEMIN needs to be established for foreign exchange earnings”.

He also proposed a review of the licenses for electricity generation companies and distribution companies upon expiry towards efficiency and customer satisfaction and providing adequate value for money.

“There is need to expand transmission and improve the quality of services. The above measures, if pursed, should guarantee at least 18 hours of electricity supply on a daily basis” he stated. AbdurRaheem further urged the Federal Government to fight Boko Haram extremist on an intellectual thought and ideological level.

“Their evil narratives and false interpretation of the peaceful religion of Islam needs to be effectively countered with moderate narratives amongst the youth. We need to identify and promote balanced scholars and Islamic education in Nigeria. The nation is blessed with thousands of these balanced preachers from renowned Arabic Schools. These Arabic schools need to be morally and financially supported such that they are integrated into the conventional school system in Nigeria. This approach, we believe should also go to our Christian brothers to suppress the extremist using Christianity as guise in the name of IPOB,”He added that technological Innovation hubs support would reduce importation of phones and accessories, saving Nigeria reserves from being import dependent.

“There are estimated 50 million users of mobile gadgets. All of which are imported, creating and supporting these hubs in six geopolitical zone of the nation cannot only make Nigerians secure the value chain but can subsequently develop skills in big data, drone technology and artificial intelligence.”

He also urged government to provide sustainable healthcare delivery system. “There is need to equip the hospitals and clinics with the latest equipment and machinery. Enhancing training and staffing, as well as improving the functionality of NHIS. Considering, the wealth of the nation, it would be a good idea to consider subsidy for basic healthcare services like antenatal care, maternal care, pediatric care, elderly care”.

He commended the effort of the government in curbing the killings in Zamfara state, saying: “Going forward, we propose that a special security fund for Zamfara be created to provide state of the art gadgets and equipment for the State to combat in bandits.” The same proactive measure should be extended to other States where cattle rustling and banditry are pronounced” he said.


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