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Understanding Muslims’ perspective on life after death


[FILE PHOTO] Dead body

Muslims have been urged to be cautious of the appearance of the signs of Judgment Day, which is enough to make people repent and surrender themselves to the will of Allah alone.

The guest lecturer at the Akeredolu Muslim community’s 54th monthly public lecture, Alhaji Abdur Rahman Bello Olaakewu, decried the killing of Muslims that has become incessant global phenomenon, describing it as reflection of nearness of the last Day as prophesised by the Holy Prophet.

Speaking on the ‘Belief in the last Day (Yawm al-Akhir)’, Alhaji Bello said the Day of Resurrection signifies “the last day in the life of this world and the first day of the life after death.”

He noted that Allah did not reveal the actual Day of Judgment to anybody, but the Holy Quran described it with many names and signs.

“In the holy Quran, Allah described the Day of Resurrection with different attributes which include: Yawm Al-Qiyaamah (the Day of Rising), Yawm Al-Hashr (the Day of Assembly), Al-Qaari’ah (the Striking Calamity), Yawm Al-Fasl (the Day of Separation), Yawm Ad-Deen (the Day of Recompense) , Al-Haaqqah (The Inevitable Reality), Yawm At-Talaaqi (the Day of Meeting), Al-Yawm Al-Aakhir (the Last Day), As-Saa’ah (the Hour), Yawm Al-Ba’th (the Day of Resurrection),Yawm Al-Khurooj (the Day of the Exodus) , Yawm Al-Khulood (the Day of Eternity), Yawm At-Taghaabun (the Day of Deprivation)”

He explained that the signs of the last Day are in two categories – the immediate and the remote signs.

“The signs that the Prophet (SAW) described in detail are occurring one after the other in every corner of the world. The signs are to remind people that the judgment day is near during which every human will give account of their deeds before Allah (SWT),” he said.

While summarising the sequence of events leading to the last day, he mentioned that the journey to the Judgment Day starts with the death of all living creatures.

“After death is the grave where certain questions will be administered on the decease. If the person passes the question then every other stages will be at ease, but if otherwise then the dead will not be at ease till the resurrection day.

“The resurrection day starts when angel Israfil blows the trumpet, which will be blown thrice. When the first trumpet is blown all creatures will die, when the second trumpet is blown, all creatures will come alive and with the sound of third trumpet all creatures will assemble in front of Allah. Everybody will be unclothed on the Judgment Day; people will be too busy with their own affairs to notice nudeness of others.

“The book of deeds of every man would be handed over to them, but not all the people will be successful. The believers will receive their book on the right hand while the evildoers will receive theirs on the left hand. The smallest act will not be ignored,” he stated.

The CEO of Habdat Xpress Travels, Alhaji Qasim Alabi, made clarification on fasting in the months of Rajab and Shaaban as well as the meta-physical journey the prophet undertook during the month of Rajab. Other clerics in attendance also contributed to the lecture.

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