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Coping in a dysfunctional system


At 54, Tade has risen to the enviable position of being the Chief Executive Officer of the communication outfit he’s been at for twenty years. With a doctorate degree in Information Management Science, and blessed with a beautiful wife, wonderful children, sound health and many close friends, Tade is the symbol of all-round success and happiness. But………

No! Tade is no longer a happy man. Recently he lost his aged father to kidnappers after paying a huge ransom of N15million.

Next, his younger sister’s husband died from a ghastly motor accident occasioned by bad road. His village home is enmeshed in a communal clash between the villagers and herdsmen, his son a law student in a Nigerian university is threatened by cultists; and the erstwhile safe haven of the estate where he has lived with his family for more than a decade is now under constant harassment of robbers. Tade noted that it has become a normal scene to see abandoned corpses on the road these days.


Consequently, Tade is seriously considering relocating from Nigeria to Europe or America. Presently, he is terribly distressed, distraught and dejected. News items from Nigeria print and electronic media have not in any way helped matters. Rather, these have stirred up traumatic experiences, exercabted emotional problems, as well as confirmed worst fears.


The National Dailies always have fresh reports of terrible happenings. All these terrible pieces of news get bizarre each passing day. The level of human degeneration in our country has reached an apogee where two Nigerian citizens’ lives are worth less than a penny. One hopes matters do not degenerate beyond this level.

Lest anyone begin to contend against or condemn the Nigeria media; they are only mirroring society. In fact, the media is guilty of under-reporting the atrocities and abominations, wickedness and wastefulness, destruction and devastation going on in our nation.

Consider the wastage of lives that accrue from infrastructural neglect and decay in our nation. From being victims of building collapses, bad roads, to inability to manage natural disasters such as deforestation and erosions, the Nigerian citizen has continued to be a vulnerable victim of wastage.

Equally a look at our institutions, confront us with the same nagging truth that human life is not valued in this enclave called Nigeria. The proofs are there for everyone to notice. These include the employment of staff based on nepotism, tribalism, religion and political affiliation.

Other inept practices that destroy Nigerian institutions and inevitably human lives include bribery and corruption, lack of work ethics, inability to implement disciplinary measures and a total reign of disorder and disequilibrium. In summary, many of our institutions such as health, educational, transportation, anti-corruption, power, and their likes are largely dysfunctional.

Any sincere and serious mind will attest to the fact our nation needs urgent and accurate recovery strategies. If she is a human patient, her case has deteriorated from a serious medical condition to a coma. Nigeria has moved from the medical condition of being chronic to the terminal. She is like a sickle-cell patient who is in a crisis moment. She is like an epileptic patient undergoing seizures.


We once lived in a country where any of us could travel by day or night without any fear of molestation, malfeasance, and murder. We once lived in a country where neither tribe nor tongue determined our work, educational or political status. We once lived in a country where our armed forces so protected her territorial integrity that they were the best peacekeeping team in any part of the continent and beyond.

We once lived in a country where interracial differences were advantages and assets. A country where the young graduates of our universities rejoiced to participate in national service because they had the opportunity of a lifetime to spend an entire one year with their fellow youths from other tribes in different locations of their fatherland other than their own part of the country.

In contemporary Nigeria, the blood of helpless citizens is being wasted on a daily basis. Nigeria has degenerated from hosting one terrorist group to becoming the home of four daredevil terrorist groups. Hardly a day passes without the news of the death of some Nigerians in the hands of these terrorist groups.

The more disturbing and distraught matter is not the death of these Nigerians but the collective negative attitudes of the Nigerian leadership and citizenry. These wrong attitudes include denial and desecration of facts, distortion of data as well as dereliction of duty. How can anyone justify a situation whereby publicly elected officers who took an oath of allegiance to protect the lives and properties of the citizenry flagrantly disregard the oath they swore. Is it not akin to the case of a medical doctor neglecting a patient to die uncared for? Is it not comparable to the army allowing vicious enemies to invade the land, and destroy the lives of citizens?

There must be solutions to this imbroglio in our nation. Nigeria will survive this horrible wastage of her citizens. The leadership at every level and citizenship are reminded that life is sacred and should be respected and valued. God places great value in the life of mere avis. God is concerned about the hairs on our heads. He declared unequivocally that every mortal is of greater value than multitudes of birds. The conclusion is that the God who cares for birds, insects, and even microorganisms, would greatly care more for mortals.


Does the crucial question become where was God when several Nigerians were maimed and massacred? Where was He when helpless citizens of our country are being killed?

The answer is that God has never ceased to exist. He gave mankind the responsibility to manage this earth and He will surely demand accountability from every mortal. No mortal will escape God’s righteous judgment. It is only a matter of time and time may run faster than any of us thinks.

Meanwhile, let every citizen of Nigeria, as well as the leadership, rise up against this carnage. Let us take the quality decision to place value on human life. Let us become patriotic again and place the success of our nation above selfish religious and ethical pursuits. The consequences of this bloodletting in our country are unfathomable. Ours is almost a failed state. Daily the brain drain is on the increase, foreign investors are restrained from coming, the developed world is disdaining our nation more, other smaller nations of Africa are replacing Nigeria in the comity of nations and our economy is dying.

Yet sycophants are relishing in lies on the state of the nation. Due to personal gain and temporary personal gains we have refused to speak truth to power. Solomon, the wise king of Israel rightly captures the matter aptly when he said,’ Remove the wicked from the king’s presence and his throne will be established’ (Proverbs 25;5).

God will surely hearken to the tears of his children in this country. One desire that all of us, kings, advisers, and citizens would turn on a new leaf by upholding the sacredness of human life and thereby escape inevitable divine judgment. NIGERIA shall be great again.

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